Discussion: Last Four Armed Occupiers Say They Will Turn Themselves Into FBI On Thursday

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What a bunch of self-aggrandized drama queens.


Finally, the light bulbs switched on.


Tune in to see if they actually do…


There is a story this morning that Cliven Bundy was arrested in Portland. Any truth to it?




For those of you who missed last night’s live self-congratulatory, government vilifying, religion perverting, patriotic bunting whine-fest led by Reverend Gavin and sister Michelle, IT, WAS, GLORIOUS! Like listening to someone trippin balls for the first time and being unable to help them with reality testing. Collectively, they were jumpier than a one-legged midget in a butt-kickin contest! And for those keeping score at home, this 40-day peaceful camping trip by innocent lovers of freedom, has now gone into day 41… It’s not over yet. But bagging the Clivester, sweetest plum of all.


Yes, he was on his way there and the arrested him. He had his chance last time. He opted to be a dick again, and he’s now busted.


16 squatters at 100 grand a day for 40 days, works out to $1/4 million per squatter and counting. I hope they add the cost of whatever bleach and ozone it takes to clean up Camp Baggadix.


Heh, heh-heh… Camp Baggadix. That’s a hot one! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That really was an incredible piece of theatre. Gavin trying to keep everyone on the phone, the Futile Four ranting about how incredibly patriotic they are, but how no one cares and the FBI wants to kill them, and Fiore offering to stop by McDonald’s on the way in. And let us never forget Pedro – the fun loving troll who got in on the call. FREE PEDRO!!!


We will surrender on Thursday for a Happy Meal today.!


I think they’ll find the food in the jail to be slightly higher quality than Mickey D’s.

But just slightly.

Crap. I never made it to Pedro. Do you know about what time he shows up? It’s a long-ass phone call…

See? If you’re stupid enough, you become a menace to your own safety. These people are too delusional and dangerous to live without custodial care in order to prevent them from harming themselves and others.


“We will not fire until fired upon. We haven’t broken any laws, came here to recognize our constitutional rights.”

Oh, really? You haven’t broken any laws? Not one that you can think of?

These people are totally delusional.


I hope the arrest of Cliven doesn’t make things more dangerous for the folks taking these assholes in.

I also hope the news made them good and sad, perhaps the media will capture their teary eyes as they are brought in.

A whimper, not a bang. Don’t think this turned out the way they hoped…

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“We’re not surrendering, we’re turning ourselves in…”
There’s enough hair splitting in this comment that this guy could serve as a ‘before’ subject in an ad for hair conditioner.

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I’m not 100% sure… you’re right, it was long. I’d guess sometime in the 8:00 PST hour?