Discussion: Last Ditch Effort To Save U.S.-NK Summit With Day Of Meetings In NYC

This thing is already a mess. tRump should pull out completely and spare us the embarrassment and further damage he will do in destabilizing our national security…which will happen when he negotiates by wanting the same conditions that weren’t good enough for the Iran deal. The hypocrisy already is glaringly obvious, but of course the Iran deal was in part negotiated by the Obama administration and so therefore not good enough for that jackass.

Stupid is as stupid does.

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Jeezus, Donny. Have some fucking self respect. Nobody likes a groveller.

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I wonder if the “last ditch efforts” mostly consisted of sampling burgers from various fast food chains? It may be hard to believe but, like Tweety the Tapeworm, Kim is reportedly a very picky eater.

Fun unFact: Most oft hear phrase at the meeting: “Do you want fries with that?”

Naw, Fat Nixon’s heading up to NY to show the NK guy how he eats pizza with a fork.