Discussion: Lanny Davis Believes LeBron's Decision Could Teach Republicans Something About Benghazi

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Oh Jesus God. If a Hillary run means we are going to start hearing from this amoral psychopath-fellating fuckstick again, count me opposed.


A tea partier will read this article as blah blah blah Beghazi!!! blah blah LeBron James! blah blah. Their conclusion will be that LeBron is somehow involved in the Benghazi conspiracy.


This is just a distraction.

He is! He slam-dunks for Allah!


What a whore.


Anybody who defends a racist name that has an ugly history should not be listened to at all.

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“So what can Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy, the chairman of the Benghazi special committee, learn from LeBron? Simple: admit past GOP errors about Benghazi and take responsibility.”

Um, surely anyone with a basic understanding of American politics over the past three-decades realizes that it is not exactly “simple” for the GOP to admit past errors or to take responsibility for anything.

Davis may as well be saying that all the GOP needs to do thrive is to simply admit that trickle-down economics are a sham, that the Iraq War was a massive mistake, and that death panels don’t exist.



I like the author’s “Davis, a Fox News Democrat who’s never met a cause for which he won’t shill”, but “amoral sociopath-fellating fuckstick” is pretty great. :wink:


admit past GOP errors about Benghazi

Serious? Admit being wrong? It will not, CAN NOT ever happen. They have so much invested in BENGHAZI! it’d be impossible to admit they were wrong.


Oh Jesus God. If a Hillary run means we are going to start hearing from this amoral sociopath-fellating fuckstick again, count me opposed.

Exactly so. Lanny Davis, Dick Morris, and Mark Penn are the living embodiment of everything wrong with Clintonian political operations. They should never again be nearer the halls of power than taking selfies on Pennsylvania Avenue. (I would add “. . . with an escort,” but Dick Morris would probably misinterpret that.)


Davis is saying people need to pay attention to Lanny Davis again. Nothing more.

Lanny Davis! Powerful friends, has he! No client is too evil, no cause too loathsome, no objective is too vile! Give Lanny Davis money now because soon he will again have access to the leader of the Free World, access which can be yours for a price! No, really, the Clintons love him. Luv, luv, luv. They just can’t get enough Lanny in their life. That’s why you’ll see him on cable news shows over and over and over again for the next two years, Holding Forth on the Issues of the Day and the State of the Campaign under the pretense that he’s still a Clinton insider whose toxic radioactive ass either Bill or Hillary would touch with with a ten foot pole again.


The GOP Benghazi game is more fun than the Kevin Bacon game. In the Benghazi game all things are directly tied to the attack. So separation exists. It is easy, try it. A hurricane hit the US Virgin Islands~ BENGHAZI!!!

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Hate the guy. Love the guy. Whatever. That last paragraph is an unprofessional load of shit - unless TPM is going to start referring to others in the same way.

Cheney as “five-time draft deferer who never met a war he didn’t want to send someone else’s kid out to fight”.

Limbaugh as a “chickenhawk who used an ass-boil (aka. a ‘Rush’) to skip out on military duty”.


Why does anyone watch TV for news?
Particularly political news?
It’s like watching TV for weather.

Superficial tripe. Dated, cliched, and never quite what you’re hoping to see.


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Davis is delusional. Republicans don’t learn lessons. If they did, they wouldn’t be Republicans and their party wouldn’t be on its way to extinction.

I got no prob with your Cheney and Limbaugh suggestions.


Andrew Breitbart, who did more to destroy journalism in this country than anyone outside Ruper Murdoch.

Oh wait, can’t use that last one. It’d give our publisher a sad.


So they should plan it out for 2 years, and instead of going on TV, wait until after free agency starts to ‘write’ a letter and run out of the country so he can’t be asked about it?

More despicable than his shilling for the Rsns is his PR work for Laurent Gbagbo. Mark Penn worked PR for Big Tobacco and his firm has a unit for union busting unit. Not the kind of people that Ds should associate with, I’d think.

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