Discussion: Labor Secretary: Trump Team Requests For Agency Staffer Names ‘Illegal’

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This is what we’re going to be dealing with for a long time… people who don’t know the rules or just plain ignore them. I can hardly wait for the triumphant stooges to walk into the face of reality and get smacked down on day one. They are arrogant now… just wait.


Their " wish lists " for xmas have gone unfilled …

Now they’ll attack Santa —


“Those questions have no place in a transition,” but that problem will resolve itself on January 20 and the questionnaire from the transition team will then be replaced by an executive order from the newly installed Chairman of the Board.

“Will dedicated career people be targeted because they were doing the right work?” is rhetorical in the extreme, especially when “the right work” is highly subjective.


It is going to be a long four years. The idiots who voted for “that man” will endure a dose of honest to God blunt reality; blunt enough for them to actually comprehend the damage their obstreperous vote has caused this country.


They may actually comprehend the damage but I have no faith in their ability to grasp the cause and effect, if A then B syllogism.

Welcome to TPM.


but hooray for Tom Perez for articulating the principle publicly and loudly!


You’re giving them too much credit… Trump has rendered them incapable of ‘thinking’ (reading , comprehend) outside the Fox.


My hunch is that these repeated requests targeting government employees who may not be working on the far right’s agenda are designed to intimidate potential future whistle blowers – but whatever their intentions these requests sound pretty Nazi.

We should ask exactly who is responsible for making these requests and exactly what they plan on doing with the information.


Rule of law is just one of the many norms they’ll be demolishing over the next few years.

And at this point, there really isn’t anything off the table or beyond the pale, other than the right of white conservatives to keep, bear and brandish arms and use them against Those People on a whim. Freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly? Already under assault. Right to petition for redress of grievances? Just another way to get yourself on a watch list. Security of person and papers from unreasonable search and seizure? Do you want the terrorists to win? Due process? Just for rich people now. Cruel and unusual punishment? Already promised.

Separation of powers? Well, now, that’s an interesting question, but so far, all signs point to the majority ensuring that Congress rolls over and exposing its belly for the foreseeable future. Judicial independence? Oh, that’s going to be intolerable to them.

Right now, the only real question is whether nepotistic kleptocracy and oligarchy can come to some working arrangement for sharing the loot without it coming to violence between them.

Even if we manage to assemble enough electoral dynamite to blow them out of office before they get around to abolishing voting for anyone but them, I really don’t know if we’ll ever be able to put the Republic back together again. Julius Caesar didn’t kill the Roman Republic. He just gave it the coup de grace. It died of decades of breaches of constitutional and social norms and limits. Even when they were temporarily restored, the precedent of their past violation, without consequences, rotted the entire structure from the inside out.

Beating them isn’t going to be enough. If they are thrown out and have committed crimes, we’re going to be stuck between our long resistance to setting a precedent that leads to the criminalization of politics and the urgent need to impose legal consequences to keep the transgressions from becoming precedential.


The smart move, of course, would be to engage in a more passive form of resistance. Homeland Security staffers who work to counter violent extremism? Give them a list of all career employees, all political appointees, and all contract staff members. They all work to protect the U.S., right? Flood them with information.


‘memorandum of understanding’?? WTF do they think this authorizes them to DO??? Conduct purges? Humiliate people? Run them out of their homes? How brownshirtian are we going to go here?


If you think you know someone who isn’t frightened at what could be coming, check his pulse.


You tell 'em, Tom!

(and leave a tear gas canister with a timer for your successor.)


You mean Santa didn’t leave them coal in their stockings, dirty environmentalist Santa.


GOP: If a republican President does anything, its not Illegal.
Trump: Every Amerikan agrees.


All of which is why I point to the idea of secession as being a viable idea. Individual states rights will take precedent over the Republic when it breaks apart.

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Yet another example Comrade Drumpf signaling “Get with the pogrom … or else!”

Not really - he was threatening to make it more democratic. That’s why they killed him. He wanted to seat Plebes in the Senate. It was Augustus who delivered that blow. He was a consummate politician. He never claimed absolute power, but the entire structure of the Republic simply evaporated as he gained total power. The Senate no longer did anything other than agree with him.


“It’s déjà vu all over again.”
— Yogi Berra