Discussion: Kremlin Spins Redacted Mueller Report Into Another 'I-Told-You-So' Moment

Keep it up, motherfuckers. Keep it up. The clock is ticking on your stooge and when he’s gone, you’re not going to like the consequences of having enraged the Democratic Party and tens of millions of center-left people who used to not much care what you did for all that stolen wealth you’ve been piling up anywhere but Russia.


“The Mueller probe was an attempt to threaten the current government"
Does Russia think every country works like it?


And of course, since we have a compromised President, he’ll keep all of our intelligence agencies for laying out the actual facts in evidence against russia.


Q. What do Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Muhammad Saeed “Baghdad Bob” al-Sahhaf and former North Little Rock Tent & Awning model Sarah Huckasanders all have in common?

A. They are all on the short list to be Mohammed bin Salman’s (aka MBS aka Mister Bone Saw) next spokesperson.


Trump has a friend in Putin.


So, the only credible (non-fake) news sources left in the world are TASS and the dedicated reporters from the New York Post. Can’t even depend on the monkeys at Fox anymore. (curse you, Chris Wallace)


So Putin continues backing his Dotardian Candidate.


Naw… He’s pissed about Venezuela, thought he had a bromance going on, and Donnie dumped him for some golf members of one of his clubs…

They’re just in it for the shit-show now, chaos is a perfectly acceptable outcome.


They’re certainly doing their best to make it so. Misery must love company.



Fact: There is a criminally minded liar in the White House.
Fact: There is a criminally minded liar in the Kremlin.

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KGB FSB propaganda machine running at top speed.

Nothing to see here.


Please stop saying this:
“The redacted report presented on Thursday said that there was no collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and Russian officials.”

I hold TPM to higher standards than other outlets.

  1. Mueller did not say that there was no collusion. He said “collusion” was not a legal term and he was making no conclusions on whether it occurred and was only looking at “conspiracy” or “coordination.”
  2. He did not say there was no conspiracy or coordination. He said they were unable to establish conspiracy or coordination, and also specifically said that the failure to establish a fact does not mean that there was no evidence supporting it, only that they hadn’t found sufficient facts to prove it.

This is important, and a lot of people (including pretty much all republicans) are getting this wrong. It is not correct to say that Mueller found no collusion or no evidence of collusion. Mueller couldn’t prove criminal conspiracy or coordination despite finding plentiful contact between the campaign and Russia and the expectation from the campaign that the Russian efforts would assist them.

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MOSCOW (AP) — The Kremlin argued on Friday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s 400-page report has not offered any credible evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Putin is an obviously blatant liar, an obvious murderer, and obviously adored by Trump.

Putin has fucked us over. World War III is a cyber war and it is occurring now. I would really like to see Russia removed from international connectivity to the internet. Any nation or any corporation that supports their connectivity to the internet should also be likewise removed. Period. Yes, I know the internet is very, very topographically intertwined, but we should make any future interaction by Russian governmental or privateer hackers as difficult as possible. And if we don’t do that…

I know what I’m about to say is stupid. It is entirely emotional. I would love to see Putin lit up by a nuke. Give him his own very personal very hot, glassy crater full of Chernobyl. But that would cause much more than a nightmare for all.

The Russians, the North Koreans, the Chinese and a host of other bad actors are trying to place hooks into our infrastructure through the internet to cause political, social and financial havoc. They fuck with our elections. They hope to shut off natural gas and petroleum pipelines. They hope to break down electrical grids. They hope to destroy our banking systems. That is just the start of the attempts that have been detected. Given the design of routers and systems, this is not an easy issue to fix and secure unless we significantly change router designs and replace them all at enormous expense. (We have used the internet to screw others such as Iran and their gas centrifuges used for Uranium enrichment. What comes around goes around.)

THIS !!! THIS !!! THIS !!!
I very greatly regret that I have only one like to give. I would give x1000 if I could.
ETA: Unfortunately, that source is the AP, so we must sadly understand that their journalistic standards are on the wane.
ETA: If TPM chooses to run an AP article, is TPM not allowed to modify/edit it for accuracy? Or is TPM allowed to edit the article as long as TPM explicitly describes their edit?

The Russians are, hands down, the Olympic Gold winners in declaring that up is down, black is white, and 2+2=-5.