Discussion: Koch Group Pours Seven Figures Into Scott Walker Ads

Hope it’s money well wasted…


so much for the idea that the Koch Group was actually going to stop backing the most evil candidates possible …


Walker is touted as the “education governor?” That’s hilarious!!! What a joke!!!


I’m having one of those days where the rot and stink of it all is really getting to me. The Kavanaugh jam-through makes me ill and I’m despairing. The court has packed a hearing on a plethora of conservative causes in October. Overcoming all of it seems impossible. Dems can’t even get documents on the relationship between Leonard Leo (a private citizen who led the way on Gorsuch and Kavanaugh) and this is democracy? The minority party has absolutely no leverage?

Sorry … off topic.


College flunk out and destroyer of Wisconsin public education is now being touted by his masters the Koch Bros as the education governor? It’s like Trump running for re-election as a patriot.


Very on-topic, methinks. They’re all pieces removed from the nearly completed puzzle that was (almost) democracy.


I swear there is breaking point at which too many ads annoy the public. Let them spend more $$$, for more ads, for more annoyed voters.


It’s another great day for Citizens United.


The Mercer’s, the Murdouch’s and the Kochsuckers Making America Greed Again??

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Well, you know what they say about fools and their money.

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The many anti-Evers ads are flooding the local airways. Their negativity is so over the top that they’re unbelievable at face value. They paint Tony Evers as a caricature of an evil Democrat.

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Americans for Prosperity Propaganda-Wisconsin

The AFP ad quotes positive comments from Evers for Walker’s most recent education budget, including calling it “pro-kid.”

Psst…guys? Are you sure the party of Roy Moore and Jim Jordan wants to go with “pro-kid”?


It’s a mystery to me how this slimy creep ever got elected in the first place. He’s the Nigel Farage of US politics.

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This is just a drop of the kickback Republicans got back from the Donor Tax Relief Act of 2017- this is going to get very, very ugly very fast. Since 90% of Americans know less than we do (here at TPM) and aren’t all that good at connecting the dots, I do despair. Every fix that can be in will be in this November.

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I “like” that, because you’re right. But I very much don’t like that you are!

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