Discussion: Kobach Says Democrats' Letter Calling For His Firing Is 'Ridiculous'

But we all illegally voted for it, Kris…



Trump: No worries, I will adopt Kris and then as a member of First Family, he can do whatever he wants.

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Will it be a Russian adoption? If so, I know of a lawyer…

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His last statement is true - it isn’t set up to disprove Trump’s claim (though I bet Trump thinks it is, he’s so easily played.) The rest is sheer malarkey. Of course it’s about voter suppression. Just watch how many recommendations get made that match those from North Carolina that I believe were thrown out by a judge for being ‘surgically targeted’ to suppress the democratic vote.

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OF COURSE, it’s ridiculous Kris…You decided on a ‘problem’, you made the problem worse with your fake bots and lies, you pretended it was all Dems and ‘brown skins’ responsible for the crap, you rode your horse to the WH to convince the President that he ‘really’ won but for those fraudsters and now you are upset that people see through you. Yeah. It’s all ridiculous.


So much whining.

STFU, Kobach.


There’s something ridiculous here and it’s not the Democrats calling for your firing.


Considering you’ve failed at your job it’s only natural

Kris Kobach the Kansas Klan Klown says what?

Yeah, I remember reading about all the actual prosecutions where the claims have to be proven in a court of law. You’d think with all this illegal voting going on the Kansas Secretary of State would have been deep into getting this prosecuted. Perhaps Mr. Kobach could talk to someone about it, though he is quite busy at the moment.

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Kobach is lucky that the Dems aren’t doing what they could be doing: calling for this lying cocksucker’s immediate arrest for longstanding abuse of constitutionally-protected voting rights.

Kris, i will give you this: You are completely transparent. Your friends appreciate and value your true intentions. Your enemies see through your lies. Your word has lost all credibility. We know exactly who you are.

Is Kansas paying for his time with Trump?

We can’t afford it.