Discussion: Kobach Counters After Being Sued To Take Dem Off Kansas Senate Ballot

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The dying gasps of a desperate party…


They should put a plastic bag over their head to preserve those last gasps for posterity.


I get it already… Put it through a lower court, and when he loses, he can then go to the supreme court, and by that time it will be too late to change anything.


I’m impressed they came up with something more creative than “we never received the letter.” Although, “that’s not what our employee told you” isn’t really any better.


If the Democrats need someone on the ballot (assuming Taylor can remove his name), could they somehow get Orman on their line?

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Hopefully, their is a Democrat in Kansas with the name of Charles Manson, or Al Capone, they can put on the ballot.

that should solve the problem.

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Would somebody please, please cite Bush v. Gore in the briefs for this case?

Someone should change their name to Don’t Vote Forme, or Vote For Orman.

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Reinquist said you can’t do that, or was it Kennedy? So clearly you couldn’t no matter what, except wasn’t there a Gopper who cited it in a redistricting (lost) case?

Kennedy made a point of declaring in his Lawrence v. Texas decision that it could not be used to argue in support of same-sex marriage. Scalia argued in dissent that it definitely could. Courts have been cheerfully citing Scalia as they overturn bans on same-sex marriage. What a judge says in a decision does not do a good job of controlling how it gets used.

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I glanced at the picture and all I saw was SOS.KS.GOV, I thought Kobach was raising a distress signal.

Yeah, a desperate party that may very well re-take the Senate this November. Some dying gasp…

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They also argued that Kansas Democrats would be required under state law to fill Taylor’s spot on the ballot, even if Taylor himself were removed.

You’ve got to be shitting me.

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That was the part that got me … is that true or is Chuckles fantasizing?

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so, does state law “require” every other political party in Kansas to have a candidate on the ballot, or is it just the democratic party? hey dumbass, people smarter than you want to know!

You cannot make some one run for office no matter how badly you want them to. Democrats do not have to do anything once Taylor’s name is off the ballot.