Discussion: Kobach Bends To Pressure, Will Recuse Himself From Kansas Recount

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“Yes, I’ll be happy to recuse myself.”

See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

(Or was it?)


Kobach should be known by his original instincts, i.e. to NOT recuse himself. It reveals everything you need to know about him.


He only bends to “pressure”, never to his own moral compass (he doesn’t have one). His initial stance is his real belief. He’s a slime ball and a cheat and has had his legal ass handed to him over and over in his desperate, unconstitutional attempt to disenfranchise Democratic voters.


Still waiting for the media to show the public the corporations and private companies where Kobach is on the board of directors. If you think NY’s Chris Collins is corrupt and breaking the law with insider trading and rigging tax payer funded subsidies to enrich himself…then you need to see Kobach’s secret business activities. Kobach is in the same corruption bal park as Trump…and arguable worse. Kobach is secretly on the Board at Koch Industries and a beneficiary of 6 digit income from that involvement…he’s using similar techniques to avoid disclosing these interest and to avoid paying taxes as Paul Manafort. Kobach should be in prison with Manafort, Cohen, Trump, Roger Stone, and Trump’s 2 grease ball sons.


“I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.”

Attributed to Joseph Stalin by Boris Bazhanov, Personal Secretary to Joseph Stalin


The fact that his first impulse was to remain involved in the process speaks volumes about his lack of character.


On the off chance it’s just too difficult for him, Kansas should put him in a jail cell until it’s over. No phone.


So he manages to look like both a slimeball and a coward, without reaping any of the advantages of being a slimeball. Good job, Kobie.


“Recuse” recuse? or “Sessions/Nunes” recuse?

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In any normal civilized situation, this would have been done immediately along with the obvious statement “of course I’ll recuse myself, not to would be unethical”.

These hateful cockroaches have been empowered and every single thing they touch or do is fucked up. Civil and decent behavior isn’t done willingly, it is only done under extreme duress.

But as I say, it really doesn’t make any difference.

Then step the f**k aside.

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Links? Secretly on Koch board and you know this how?

That was my take on it as well. That so much pressure up to and including a veiled threat to disbar him was required to get him to do what he should have done in the beginning without being told tells you what kind of person he is. And there is more to it than just setting the price for the recount. He gets to tell the counties what votes to count and what votes not to count, and he was doing just that before he recused himself.

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Seems too stupid…