Discussion: Klobuchar Gets Emotional While Talking Sandy Hook

“Would this hurt my Uncle Dick in the deer stand?”

She’s good. It doesn’t bother me that she’s tough on staff either.


I don’t see a thing in the article that justifies “emotional,” other than “her voice broke” regarding Sandy Hook. Well, so what? Woman shows humanity! Gasp!

She sounds pragmatic and realistic. AP sucks, but TPM wrote the headline.


Finally, a dem that answers this essential question in a way that the righties can’t mock. I like her.


Amy is the “Real Deal” and we here in MN have had the pleasure of her service in the Senate since 2006.

She does not suffer fools (see her cross-examination of that sniveling coward Kavanaugh) and demands that her staff work as hard as she does, big woop. I LIKE that in her.

Anyone who mistakes her “Minnesota Nice” for weakness is in for a big surprise.

She is the quintessential “Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove” and the mere fact that she scares the living shit out of the Trumpsters gives me hope.


Go Amy. Go Amy. Go Amy.

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IIRC Obama had a hard time when talking about Sandyhook.


IIRC Obama had a hard time when talking about Sandyhook.

We all have a hard time talking about what happened in Sandyhook.

But Obama had the power to go after the gun manufactures, to threaten their huge contracts with the government and demand ‘smart technologies’ to make guns safer. But he didn’t. So fuck him and his tears.

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Her real emotions, real humor, real intellect, real concern for all citizens is what makes her so appealing.

Empathy. I like that in a president and a presidential candidate.

The future is Democratic.

She also sounds like our new MN Gov., Tim Walz. I think he picked up things from her, and she from him. And if you read Franken’s books, he is always positive when it comes to Klobuchar, but he takes a couple of shots at Walz.