Discussion: Kirstjen Nielsen Drafting Order To End Family Separation At Border

Some people will do anything for a “#7 Chile Relleno, Tamale Combo plate.”

Fun Fact: There is no such thing as a “Tamale.” There is a “Tamal.” If you have more than one they are “Tamales.” Please make a note of it.


Wait, I thought it was the Democrats’ fault?


HAHAHAHA Way to go


I know I would!


I hope she staples it to her resignation letter.


So, done and over with. So much for this effing up GOPers in the midterms.

What makes you think Trump (and people like Miller) will buy into this? How can Trump continue to blame the Democrats if he can end this nightmare with a stroke of his pen? Where’s the fun in that? Why would he give up something he regards as a bargaining chip, while getting nothing in return?


In all seriousness, if this is in response to being shamed at the Mexican restaurant Tuesday, even if straw which broke the camel’s back, then IMHO this is a Good Thing.

Changing minds is the ultimate long-term goal. In the interim if shaming people to try to do the right thing works, then do it.

ETA: Caveat: W/o knowing more asking DoD to help with detainment is concerning.


Thanks for the fun fact. I learned something new, and it’s not even noon yet!


It is my dear and earnest hope that this deplorable, hateful de facto policy is ended quickly enough that lasting harm to the affected children is mitigated, and as few families as possible are permanently broken apart.

There will be some lasting harm. Probably a lot. There will be some families permanently broken apart. Probably quite a few. But the longer it goes, the worse it gets on both fronts. Ending government abduction of children right now is the overwhelmingly important part of the story. We can argue about electoral impacts later.


Oh, they’ll be something else by then. The base demands it.


But what about Stephen Miller? He has feelings and needs, too.


Well, because he’s a weak and cowardly loser who can’t negotiate his way out of a wet sack. Giving up a bargaining chip while getting nothing in return is literally exactly what he did with Kim Jong Un.


His HS chief has publicly outed the game. Merely presenting this to Trump exposes “Congress must act! Dems must act!” as a fallacy. If he refuses to sign then all his bleating from the stump about being powerless to stop this will be exposed as lies, more convincingly and immune to misreprentation than his current line of bullshit. Nielsen has painted him into a corner if in fact what we read is what she’s doing.


She’s begging for another tongue-lashing, apparently.


Nope, it is not over. We don’t know what the order says -if it is written-, we don’t know if he will sign it, and people will likely continue to be prosecuted for seeking asylum. The administration will hold people at some other location. The concentration camps will still exist perhaps on military bases.


He’ll just say that he is having to intervene to save the children because the Democrats wouldn’t.

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Masochism is a hard habit to break.

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Boy, Spankee’s gonna go apeshit — she better have phrased it so it looks like a win and not a backtrack.

Plus, she’s got to have text in there with a long list of scapegoats who completely disappointed him and who are feckless traitors and who should be primaried out of office. But mostly there should be a long, long list of Democrats who he’s gonna get even with as soon as he’s made Emperor Forever.

(Betcha someone had to explain to him what “feckless” means…>)