Discussion: Kimmel Presses Trump: 'Isn't It Wrong To Discriminate' Based On Religion? (VIDEO)

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NO. ExCePT for ChrisTiaNS. ANd maybe JEws.


I wanna discriminate against guys with bad bouffants…


Michael Moore think it’s wrong.


The people responsible for the Paris attacks “didn’t come from Sweden.” It had to be Sweden. It couldn’t have been Colombia, or Thailand, or India. No, lily-white Sweden. Make America White Again.


Dear Kimmel, Colbert, Fallon, et al: I don’t care how many eyeballs this polyester-headed tinpot fascist draws: putting him on your shows and talking to him as if he’s a viable human just legitimizes him. Can ya stop doin’ it please? KThnxBai


A few days ago, Trump told Barbara Walters that ALL of his Muslim friends were thrilled about this proposal. Now, he says some are upset.

We’re through the looking glass when a presidential candidate gets grilled harder on a late night talk show than on Meet the Press and Face the Nation.


Do you remember the kid in kindergarten who swore he was right because everyone said so?

I also remember I wanted to smack him in the face because he was so fuckin annoying.


They are thinking one frame ahead of you. Yes it legitimizes him and that’s what they want. They want him to go the distance. They want him in the 2016 race. So should you.


Note to Kimmel: The word you’re looking for is not “wrong.” It’s “unconstitutional.” And the President’s job is to uphold the Constitution.


The people who carried out the attacks in Paris came from France and Belgium. However the guy that killed a shitload of kids a few years ago came from Denmark. And Sweden isn’t off the hook either. Look up the shooting this year in Gothenburg. White people do this shit too.


Maybe Catholics ? (Not the Irish, of course).

However the guy that killed a shitload of kids a few years ago came from Denmark.

I doubt it, you are probably thinking about Anders Behring Breivik, who is from Norway.


They are not thinking one frame ahead of me. I want him in the race too. But I don’t want him humanized while it happens. I want the full-tilt monstrosity of the GOP Id/base on full display and I want them excoriated, pillaged, shamed, and condemned. The longer he’s in, the more that happens.

But don’t humanize him. Neither he, Fiorina, Carson, Cruz, Rubio, Paul are functional human beings.


Exactly, I want Trump to be the nominee. Rubio, the likely one, will be a much tougher opponent, though Hillary should still beat him. But she’d blow Trump out.

But Trump faces tougher questioning on these shows than he does on Sunday mornings.


That’s a good point. But I think the context itself, and the utterly different demographic of the late-night versus Sunday AM shows, legitimates him. Too many people presume “well, he was on Kimmel/Colbert/Fallon; he must actually be a decent human being, right?”

I know that, I was just pointing out Trump’s latest dog-whistle. That Norway slaughter was particularly terrible.

Trump is legitimized by being the leading GOP candidate. Having him on a talk show reaches a completely different audience than being on Fox News or MTP. Now, even disengaged people know that he wants to ban Muslims, build a wall and deport 11 million people. IMO, that’s a GOOD thing.

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Yeah, but I think it is generally acknowledged that the more you know Mr. Trump, the less you like him.

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