Discussion: Kimberly Guilfoyle Leaves Fox To Become Vice Chair Of Pro-Trump Super PAC

“Kimberly Guilfoyle Leaves Fox To Become Vice Chair Of Pro-Trump Super PAC…”

Which of course would never have contact with the official campaign as per the rules…amirite?


I guess you could say Trump, Jr tapped her for the position.


Shuffling the chairs at Republican Inc. it seems.

Just wondering what part of the US Ms. Guilfoyle will be selling out.

Does anyone else think she looks more like Jr.'s step-mom than does Jr.'s estranged wife?

I’m not suggesting anything, of course. Just making an observation.



Jr.'s wife

Any *ILF in a storm.

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From one state-run media operation to another…

From the couch to her knees…

Kind of like Jim Jordan tapped out with his wrestlers…

“Leaves Fox, joins PAC” only because we don’t have the exact word for this particular form of acute political incest in the English language.

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I may have the wrong goon, but is the divorce final yet for the Jr.? I’d heard there was a divorce pending, but didn’t know it was final. Going public like this when it’s not final yet could pose issues, no?

A few years ago she mused on the air how Putin was a real leader and we need him as our president. Yeah what a patriot.

Bratz doll does what? Moving on.



What do you get when you put Kimberley and junior together? 3 walking talking boobs . …

The new revolving-door.

Fox to Trump, Trump to Fox.

Makes sense. They’re both fair and balanced…

Any truth to the rumor that she was forced out at Fox?

And she had a Puerto Rican mother–just more self-hatred, I guess. Dating Don, Jr. is a sure sign of something seriously wrong with her ethically speaking.

Jr’s estranged wife had an affair with the leader of MS-13–the gang Trump goes on and on about.

P.S. Jr.'s estranged wife looks a lot like his sister–and his mother, no?

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Kimberly Guilfoyle: A Low Life in High Heels


Man…they’ll give anyone a fucking law degree. Of course, why do something honest with your life if you can just throw your ankles behind your ears and get rich for it?

I’ve thought about that but I can only bat from the right side of the plate.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Or right.