Discussion: Kilmeade Goads Trump To Strike Iran, Says 'Weakness Begets More Attacks'

Of course the attack was called off… there was no major anti-tRump news yesterday… the attack will be saved for a day when it can do more good (for tRump)


Sounds like Kilmeade needs to head straight for the local recruiting office and sign up pronto.

They even take chickenhawks…


And Kilmeade made a crucial mistake by not including a plug for Trump Resorts.

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I hate to agree with this, but I think you’re right.

He just HAD to blow up the Iran deal :confounded:. Destroying everything with NO plan to replace. Iran deal, Climate accord, ACA, DACA, and on and on.

NO solutions to anything. Just pure destruction.


What are you saying, Kilmeade, that the rest of the world is laughing at the US and Trump? Be careful, Donnie might get a mad at you.

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And Adam Schiff should be right behind him.

It’s still sort of surreal that we might launch our biggest war since Vietnam because the President of the United States got beta’d into it by a morning talk show.

In other news, I see the trolls are out early this morning.


Almost makes me miss sock-puppet…

Looks like Nancy’s all in with the “dangerous regime” riff. Isn’t bipartisanship AMAZING?

I agree. I’m a veteran, in a military family. I think Kilmeade, Bolton, Trump, Cotton, and any of the other war-mongers urging this debacle, should be on the ground, in front, with all of their children and grandchildren, armed and ready to take fire. Put their f-ing lives where their mouths are. :rage:


Of course Brian thinks it makes us look weak. He’s the type to fight to the last drop of someone else’s blood.


Dear Mr. Kilmeade: With all due respect, sir. Go fuck yourself. Yrs.,etc…


Well Brian , your son is draft age , I’m sure you’ll encourage him to sign up to fight the Iranian scourge.
Go on make it personal.
War’s good business so give your son .
Improve Northrop’s , General Dynamics and Raethon’s bottom line
Global Hawks at 200 million a pop, bring it on we would looove to sell more


What does it say that the guy who is not Steve Douchey, who most people couldn’t name, who looks like his lost face came off a milk carton, turns out to be the main reason tRump is willing to go to war with Iran and not the guy with the weasel’s tail stuck to the top lip of his mouth?

Its sad, but that’s probably how tRump will make the ultimate decision about going to war. He’ll hear about it on Faux News first.


Whenever Kilmeade gives foreign policy advice it doesn’t end well. Remember him debating Jeannine Garofalo during the lead up to the Iraq war? She had his head on a pike but in typical Fox fashion he filibustered.

There is a price to pay for inaction

Cause, of course, there is no price for action…

Also, why no demands for exhausting diplomatic options first? Are they not even bothering to hide their warmongering this time around?


“NO solutions to anything. Just pure destruction.”

wait a second here. he had an immigration plan. build a wall for countless $billions that wouldn’t solve shit.

schiff is a patriot. you are not.

I completely agree. ANYONE advocating for a war with Iran should be with the first Boots On The Ground, including the Democrats who are buying into Trump’s bluster on Iran.