Discussion: Key GOP Senator: Repealing And Replacing Obamacare Could Take Years

Teatroll Rosetta Stone: “We need to do this really slowly and in such a way that people think we’re really doing something even though we’re not, and then we’ll claim credit for all the success of Obamacare Teacare.”


So, will the Trump rubes who believed he could repeal and replace the ACA on day one of his presidency be shocked by this more realistic assessment? Nah . . . . Trump will remain their hero for awhile longer.


Don’t believe this nitwit.


In other words, we have been lying our asses off to you Rubes, Hayseeds, Teatards, extra-chromosome conservatives and Trumpistas all along.

But thanks for the keys to the White House!


That’s not gonna sit well with the Trumplodytes.


I guess it would be too much to ask for the Repugs to work across the aisle with Dems and simply fix the ACA so it works like it was supposed to, that is, like the Republican designed health care bill they passed in Massachusetts. Yea, that would be too much like our elected Repugs doing the job they’ve been hired to do, and paid to do! I wonder what these fools would do if they had a real job.


Tinker at the edges.
Call it conservative reform.
Declare victory.
Go home.


Shorter Another Idiot-R: We want this to continue to every election and continue blaming The Liberals. See you in 2020 with Obamacare Replacement and a shiny new wall.


What makes you think the House rat-bastards want the reform to be successful, rat-bastard Senator Alexander?


Ds cannot stand by and let the Rs take this issue off the table. The fact remains that Rs want to scrap Medicare, even if it takes them years. That should be hammered home nonstop for the next 2 years and I don’t give a shit how many times it’s denied. I also think Ds should double down on Medicare and advocate lowering the age to 55. Take ownership of this issue and try to move the needle on public healthcare at the same time. It’s about time we had a concrete, large-scale, reality-based populist issue that everybody can understand.
EDIT: Also start making a huge song and dance about it NOW, so that if nothing happens, Ds can (rightly) claim that they saved Medicare.


So does that mean since it took 60 votes to psss it…it will take 60 votes to repeal it? Which the GOP doesn’t have


+1. I don’t think this is going to work, given that both Ryan and Trump have been promising immediate action. A lot of the base is already pissed because Obamacare hasn’t been repealed. Hearing that it will take years will not be acceptable.


Your words are highly offensive.

To rats.

And bastards.

And rat bastards.


They should just rename it TrumpCare and be done with it.


Yes and no. A full repeal would be filibustered and would require 60 votes. However, if all they want to do is gut the funding, they can do that on a reconciliation vote, which requires only a simple majority. They’ve already done this, in a bill that Obama vetoed, so they know how to do this.

Now “replace” is something different, and that’s probably why Alexander is talking “years.” Obamacare is the Republican alternative, even if they don’t want to admit it, and there is no replacement that they can come up with, other than some tinkering around the edges, that will cover as many people and do it within the budget constraints.

  1. They’re phasing out Medicare with Obama/Trumpcare for Seniors.
  2. They’re slow-rolling the repeal of Obama/Trumpcare because it was their plan.
  3. They tell their constituents…?

Alexander, the chair of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions
Committee that will play a central role in repealing and replacing
Obamacare, signaled that the process will have to be incremental rather
than rapid if Republicans want their plan to succeed.

You know you’ve controlled Congress for quite a few years now, and … nothing?

 This guy knows they can't do it, but he also knows that the public is still in the dark.  He knows that it is impossible to combine a) keeping the ban on rejecting people based on pre-existing conditions, and b) ending the individual mandate.  Nobody would buy insurance when they were healthy, we'd all wait until we were sick, knowing that we could not be rejected.  Heritage and Romney accepted this, but no R can afford to do so now.  
 But knowing this, he wants to delay in order to keep campaigning to an ignorant public on the premise that both are possible--and will of course be a feature of the eventual shiny fabulous R replacement policy.  And keep this up through the 2018 midterms.  Then fob it off on the states, let them take the blame for having to impose their own mandates or tax penalties.

You nailed it. Obamacare is the Republican alternative to single payer.

This has always been the Republicans dilemma, any repeal of Obamacare will I think have a high probability of ushering in Medicare for all at some point in the future should Democrats prevail in another wave election like 2008.