Discussion: Kerry: US Open To Cooperation With Iran On Chaos In Iraq

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Kerry said Washington is “open to discussions” with Tehran if the Iranians can help

Hrumpph! Ex-Vice President Darth Vader would never approve, I can assure you of that! Which means his bumbling toady W. would never go along either!

Down the rabbit hole we go!

Did this SoS learn nothing from Vietnam?

Did this SoS learn nothing from Vietnam?

What’s your solution, then.? Not what we should have been done, but what should Obama do now? This is a genocide issue in part, so please factor that in. Your solutions will be timely - a bunch of Turkmens are facing beheadings right now.

So, let them die, like in Rwanda, and not lift a finger? And reject out of hand any question of letting the Iranians help out? What would that mean – letting all the potential victims die but making sure we get sole credit?

Iran could be a useful ally in this situation.
They might also be helpful in breaking the Ukraine-Russia stalemate in the sense that if we can encourage more Iran/Iraq cooperation in so far as selling oil and natural gas to Europe it would de-escalate a hostage situation by encouraging more energy independence.
Such cooperation might also be noted in ongoing talks re Iran’s nuclear capabilities and aspirations.
Heck, just on the basic karma level, this might be good penance and a way to pivot away from the recent decades, when the US interfered with the two countries’ affairs: overthrew Iran’s leader, propped up the brutal Shah of Iran, sold arms to Iraq in the 1980s to use against Iran, invaded Iraq in 2003 over a lie, etc.
And who better to recognize this emerging opportunity than our Community Organizer-in-Chief?

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What? Obama doing exactly what McCain’s conjoined twin Lindsey said he should do on Sunday? This is an outrage! Impeach! Impeach! Because clearly he’s not going to do it the way Graham said he should in the secret undisclosed codicil of his explicit statement and thus Graham’s approval was conditional and cannot be given to to the way this president is rashly and irresponsibly carrying out that suggestion by cooperating with the people who were, after all, responsible for 9/11. Impeach, I say!


Overreach, I’m sorry to tell you this but We Cannot Save the World. Eventually you’ll come to this conclusion when you realize we cannot continue killing people to save people. There is no moral imperative here.

Yes. Which is why we are not putting troops on the ground. Apparently you didn’t learn anything from Vietnam, which has now been surpassed by your Iraq invasion cluster-fuck as the biggest foreign policy disaster in our nations history.

BTW, we are trading partners with Vietnam, so please enlighten us as what exactly are supposed to have learned from Vietnam?

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It sounds like you are in violent agreement :slight_smile: Me too.

I think what I learned is: killing and being killed for ideological reasons is unacceptable. It’s sickening to contemplate. In the final analysis, each people must shape their own fate, and it is not for us to impose ours. We stand no chance of intervening to quell a civil war between factions who’ve been at each other for centuries, well, unless we find a Saddam Hussein who’ll play ball with Exxon. Installing our own despots always works out well in end – take Iran as an example.

In point of fact, the only reason we have any interest in this otherwise insignificant country halfway around the world is because they sit on top of oil reserves. The strife on the African continent passes with nary a peep – we’ve even forgotten about the kidnapped girls already. And there’s no particular love for Muslims in this country where their mosques are burned before they’re even constructed. Yet we’re all in a tizzy because Shia and Sunni can’t get along in this particular nation. Go figure.