Discussion: Kentucky Schools Forced To Close As Teachers Stage 'Sick Out' Protest

ALEC is poisoning our state, they’re trying to privatize everything. Bevin is their poster boy. We have to get rid of him and that’s just for starters.


True, although I am heartened by the support KY teachers seem to be getting all around the state.


Hands down the Kentucky Republican Legislature is one of the most corrupt bodies in America today. The number of shady deals going on this session is staggering, and this bill was just one among Legion.

Some other gems:

-A bill to allow the republican Governor to make economic deals in secret; sunsets for Democratic governors.

-A bill to allow private communications on legislation, basically neutering the previous Sunshine and Open Records laws.

-A bill to allow concealed deadly weapons to be carried without permit; training or license.

The last one was a doozy- A state police trainer said that 70% of the people who go through the class have never touched a weapon before.


Bevin replied: “I really am not sure what the point is.”

Ought to be his campaign slogan.

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Yep, let’s let a whole lot of people who don’t depend on a pension fund appoint the majority of members to its board. The GOP doesn’t even try to fake it any more.

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Hey, if they renege on state pension payments, they can pay off their masters by cutting taxes on the 0.1%.

Massie and Paul are no better.

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My children’s school in rural Kentucky was closed three times this week due to actual illnesses. That didn’t stop the regional basketball tournament.


Weren’t there something like 4 abortion bills to start? I do not know the fate of all of them, but I thought there were several introduced.

@valgalky23 is right: Ky needs to rid itself of Bevin and all those corrupt repub legislators. But Ky is full of trumpers who listen not to reason.


First thing out of the gate at the beginning of each new legislative session going back decades.


The problem in Kentucky is a crippling poor, underfunded education system and the view that religion supersedes facts and rational thought.

Rural Kentucky schools might as well be a madrasa.


FYI- the Concealed Carry Bill just passed.

Kentucky’s pension systems are among the nation’s worst funded

Someone remind me, where is Mitch McConnell from?