Discussion: Kelly Ayotte Concedes New Hampshire Senate Race

I realize this does not change the control the GOP has in the Senate but it’s nice to see her gone (for now). Her answer of Trump being a role model and then doing an about face was pathetic.

And now it’s funny to see the ones who were too cowardly to embrace Trump or backed away from him STILL won. By funny, I mean scary.

Strange world.



Her comments about Trump were the least of it. She and some of the other so-called moderate republicans had every chance to meet the greatest president of her lifetime half-way the numerous times he tried to work with them. Their cowardice emboldened the republican hard liners and completely bamboozled the Chuck Todds of the media who automatically assumed the president wasn’t trying hard enough.


Maybe this will make you feel better.


So glad that bitch is gone! Lock her up I say!

See we can play that game too…


Thank gawd! At least one little thin sliver of hope!


This crooked incompetent fool thinks that a sexual predator is a role model for her and her kids. I would not want her anywhere near my young sons.

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I’m cutting myself by grasping at slivers of hope, but there are a couple to be found:

We are bringing 4 new lady senators to DC, 3 of them are women of color.
Arpaio is gone and hopefully will be sporting some of his own pink convict wear soon.

And then I remember about the cabinet and judiciary and the fact that Mike Pence will be making those picks. And where does Chris Christie land in all of this? Shriek!


This, Tammy Duckworth winning… and our Democratic Governor here in Oregon being re-elected are some of the few good things to have happened last night.


Man, what a lightweight. Good riddance.


For me, it was Sherriff Joe Arpaio (you might know him as a Trump Birther sidekick) LOST his race against Paul Penzone. I’m in Arizona. A real shocker!!!


I’m just glad she’s gone.


For me, the only real positive thing that happened here last night was we swept the state row offices in the Commonwealth. I’m also glad Harry Reid delivered Nevada and would send Cortez Masto to the Senate. It wasn’t a flip, unfortunately, but what few positives, I’m still glad.

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christie will be trump’s 1st pardon. thanks for the uplift. however, i want old joe locked up.

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Amen! I live in Maricopa county and this brightened up my mood considerably.

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Damn. I’m glad you mentioned that, because I’ve been in shock since last night and I forgot all about the governor’s race. Living here in Baja Idaho will do that to you…

She’s a good role model for losers.

I vow not to do anything to help the red states, a real confederacy of dunces.

But at least I can still visit some of my favorite places in Maine and NH again.

I fear that Trump will try to sell off land in our National Parks. Obama has a window to protect more land; I hope he uses the opportunity.

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Don’t give up on Louisiana. A Dem made their runoff in a 24 candidate field against significant dem competition too.

All three tea party Congressmen who ran were eliminated including the House Whip.

Yes, yes but we have a tall order that will take years to be successful at. Mirroring the Pubbies in seizing the reigns of local, state, House and Senate seats will not be easy or for the faint of heart.