Discussion: Kasich: Side Deals Won't Make Up For Funding Cuts In Senate Repeal Bill

OK Gov Kasich, explain to me how working with the rethugs has helped the D’s in the past. As if.
The rethugs refused every opportunity to work on legislation for the past 8 years except to block anything that improved the life of the middle class and poor. You know this. Stop pretending to be a moderate and ‘reach across aisle’ guy.

Remember when folks said Kasich was a moderate that anyone could vote for? The best GOP choice? Well there he is. With his “Democrat Senator” quip and pathetic attempt to fault Democrats for what’s a 100 % piece of shit made 100 % by GOP’ers. He’s just another disgusting party first politician. And I don’t see any good ideas coming from him either.

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Good god, the Democrats have said endlessly they will work with Republicans to fix Obamacare. Kasich is one of those guys who from a distance I think I should find things to like, but up close he is just repugnant. A know-it-all self-righteous prig who out-talks everyone in the room.


Sheesh. The problem is that you get what you pay for. When and if Republicans are willing
to consider more spending on Medicaid, Medicare, and insurance subsidies, we’ll have
something to discuss. But while they’re trying to have $1T or so less spending, forget it.
We’ll stick with the ACA, flawed as it is, rather than vote for something clearly worse in every

That’s the difference between realistic Republicans Governors and opportunistic GOP politicians in Congress…they actually use the word “revenues” as if it means something, particularly when it comes to funding vital gov’t programs.

For Republicans in Congress, “revenues” are never to be spoken out-loud unless they’re about tax give-aways to the wealthy donor class from the rest of us cogs, the American taxpayer, or wanting to pump more untraceable money into the Pentagon for those over-paid defense contractors that the military can usually do without.

F@ck him!

He knows very well the Democrats aren’t’ the problem. Republicans are the ones insisting on operating in secret and he knows why. Republicans have ZERO interest in spending more money to expend coverage, which is the necessary starting point.

No, of course Dems aren’t the problem…but Kasich is a popular Governor trying to simultaneously hold onto his own base in his state by throwing out a little red meat, while trying to argue against this bill and for his state’s Medicaid recipients. He knows it would throw his budget into a total tailspin. I think he’s playing it like a typical wily politician, but he’s also not as stupid as the rest of these Rethuglican monsters in Congress.

On the other hand, you have idiot Governors like Brownback, who are immensely unpopular that wouldn’t mind at all eliminating even basic Medicaid funding altogether for anyone in his state. That’s the difference between a politician that knows how to hold onto their base while appealing to more that just that base. Brownback is completely ideological and tribal. Kasich is a realist that knows he has a budget to balance every year…and this bill isn’t gonna help do that if funding for a block grant to the state for Medicaid has to come out of the rainy day fund in the years ahead. There’s only so many fees you can put on the taxpayers in your state to make up the difference too, and I’m pretty sure most of these Republican governors that have had GOP legislatures have already done the perfunctory fee-raising for other pet projects and shortfalls in their budgets by now.

Hell, they didn’t even allow other Republicans to help them craft the plan or even see what was in it until late last week when the rest of the country finally got a glimpse. To suggest Democrats have somehow been refusing to participate is just partisan bullshit when they were literally begging to be included. He should be ashamed of himself. Don’t whine about partisanship while shamelessly engaging in it yourself.

That said, it looks like Portman will be a no vote too. Kasich just gave him the political cover to do so.

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“Today I would call on Democrat senators to hold a press conference and
to state that they are willing to sit and work and constructively engage
with Republicans in coming up with a sustainable solution,” he said.

Go trim your pubes with a WeedWacker. You want to blame Dems for failing to “constructively engage” with this guy: