Discussion: Kasich Responds To Trump Insults With Gif Of Putin Laughing

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Say what you will Kasich has a sense of humor.

However tRump already has this gif in his Putin shrine.



I’d call it hilarious rather than “feeble”. Incredible trolling by Kasich.


Clearly, Kasich is already thinking about his second or third act. I think he’s auditioning in running for President against the Moron in Chief in 2020…yet again.

Wasn’t it tRump who showed up uninvited to campaign for Balderson and then barely mentioned his name at his rally because he was too busy talking about himself, as usual? If anyone pushed those suburban white women to reconsider Balderson, it would be America’s #1 Delusional Space Cadet and the stench of his vitriol coming to town. Thanks to the Dumpster Fire, it was quite the squeaker.

A lot of those R+ districts are in for quite a shock come November when the Blue Wave hits.


I do not like Kasich but gotta give props - that’s some funny shit right there.


Here’s some more troll-worthy news…

Sources tell the publication that, while preparing for a meeting with the prime minister of India, Trump had no idea how to pronounce the name of Asian nation Nepal, which he initially pronounced as “nipple.”

Trump believed Nepal was part of India — and he thought it was pronounced ‘nipple’: report


Hurt his win?


…and another middle school response pollutes the airwaves. Not a Republican has the balks to call Trump out. Monday.

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Yeah, yeah. Now, when is he really going to stand up?



Lucko is going to have to expand to 2 panels, just for the tie.


Nothing is ever too petty for him. Good thing he has so much time on his tiny hands.


Be aware… Trump is setting the stage to discredit and blame coouption in any D win this fall!a

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The plain nuts and the wingnuts are at it again.

Pretty soon it’s just be the Trumpers fighting off the ‘far left’ Tea Party candidates.

Putin always laughs like this just before he shows his latest trump kompromat


In the days before the tRump Pox was released on the political landscape, Kasich was the prototypical Republican engaging in voter suppression, union busting and generally screwing over the average American with glee.

Now, Kasich sounds like a reasonable moderate. Until you look at what he’s been doing in Ohio.

I give Kasich props for trolling tRump with Putin, but that’s it. In many ways, Kasich is Pence without the religious veneer. He was Bush’s budget guy that green-lit his tax cut. As governor, he signed a union busting bill into law, then had to eat the entire crow when the voters overturned it. He has constantly sat back while his administration has chipped away at voting rights and access. He’s done nothing as police have killed people.

I know some people see him in a new light, but he’s as bad as tRump because he is smarter and knows what he’s doing. Screw him and tRump.


That’s right, but any of the R also rans of 2016 are dead meat for 2020. The way they all folded before him-they could never regrow their spines and go toe to toe with Trump if he runs.
If he doesn’t run in 2020, none could get the trust of the mouth-breathing faithful.
It’s a young monster like Tom Cotton will be the new face of the GOP.


Yes, we must be careful as the enemy of my enemy is not my friend. From Jennifer Rubin to Kasich, we need to remember what their ideology stands for even as we cheer some good trolling.


It’s okay. I am originally from India. I thought Trump was from Mars and his name was pronounced “Cretin”.


Actually, repugnicans have nothing but “the balks” when it comes to their pee-Resident.