Discussion: Kasich: My Campaign Won't Drag 'Like Some Band Of Minstrels'

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fingers-crossed that squishy RINO goes home next week.


Define: “do well”

  he would work to reunite Pink Floyd as President and get them to play "Money" 

You might want to ask them before you go making silly promises.


It’s always interesting to me how Republicans can hear the lyrics to a song, and yet entirely bastardize the meaning. How is it even possible to think Pink Floyd’s Money is at all, even remotely favoring Conservative policies?


Uh John,

Rick Wright is dead.



Money is a song about greed IMO.


That being said, if things do go well for Kasich, he told CNN on Tuesday that he would work to reunite Pink Floyd as President and get them to play “Money” to honor America’s troubled finances.

Or, you could do what they do for less-than-famous soldiers funerals - just hit the “play” button. Recording - it’s an actual thing.

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“If we don’t do well, we’re not going to be dragging around like some band of minstrels who beg people to come to our show,” Kasich said.

Wow. Never figured Kasich for a dog whistler.

Still, any odious port in a storm for a desperate Republican, eh?


Having issues, Johnny? Welcome to the machine.


Back in the day, I was such a Pink Floyd fan, that I even bought Wrights solo album. Kinda crappy, but I still played it on occasion, just because.

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Kasich is actually one of the few R’s that I think would actually have a chance in the general election. Hopefully, we won’t have an opportunity to find out.


“Band of Minstrels”? Was someone encouraging him to go blackface?

I kind of figured all along that he was really preparing for the 2020 election. This is so obviously not a year for sanity, but now he at least has an organization of sorts that could be easy to re-assemble in a couple of years. Would amount to a bet that 1) this year’s candidate will lose, and 2) lose badly enough that there may finally be an appetite for a more conventional candidate next time.

I agree, he would be a lot more formidable than any of the leading bozos, Rubio included. But we shouldn’t have to worry as long the GOP remains insane!


some band of minstrels who beg people

America the Renaissance fair…


He has always had unfortunate language because he is clueless to the plight of anyone not just like him.

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Yeah, he is still stuck in the 1980’s

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I relate to your comment, but quite apart from that I think Kasich is just being realistic. If he were NOT to “do well” in NH, that’d be a clear sign to any sane, rational professional pol that it’s over. I can’t stand almost all of Kasich’s policies and he’s been difficult to stomach for how he’s tried to turn Ohio even further right than it is, but I’ve never seen him as anything other than a coldly rational professional establishment hard-line right winger.



“A minstrel was a medieval European singer who performed songs whose lyrics told stories of distant places or of existing or imaginary historical events.” — Wikipedia

The image I got was of Jeb! begging the folks who showed up for his latest speech to “please clap!”

I know blackface “entertainment” of the early 20th century was called a minstrel show, but since the original meaning of the word works fine in the context, I think it’s unfair to assume Kasich meant it as a dogwhistle or was even thinking it.


If I were consulting to his campaign, I’d stay vague on any such question. It’s a relative concept to start with, but besides, he needs to see not just whether he gets decent support from the NH GOP primary voters but whether he’s able to translate that into money. His campaign is running very low on cash. That means to me that, whatever vote support he gets in NH, unless it’s patently discouraging, he’s going to sit on that for a few days or so to see what the reaction is in donations and financial backing, and if that’s not coming in, he’ll step aside.