Discussion: Karl Rove: Rand Paul 'Certainly' Looked Thin-Skinned After Campaign Announcement

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Karl Rove has looked pretty invisible since the 2012 cycle.


Turdblossom has another Bush to pull out of his butt. Of course he is going to go after everyone else.


Can we just replay his election night meltdown over Ohio?


At first glance I read ‘pretty invincible’ and I wanted some of whatever you were on.

But now that I re-read it and find you are on reality, I’m already there. LOL

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Absolutely delicious. Guess we know the fix is in. It’ll be interesting to see whether it’s the Bush Family or the Koch Bros who wind up owning Karl’s doughy ass this cycle.


I think Karl is being relegated to has-been status. He made the decision, to much fan-fare, that he was going to get in the money game and be the bag guy with his Crossroads PAC. He then failed miserably on the races he made his bets.

This time around, it appears the that really big mega-donors are bypassing his pitch entirely, and going to setup their own PACs to support the candidates of their own choosing. Plus, as a minor point, nearly every important Senate race is going to be seeing lots of presidential money anyway, so just let those PACs take care of both.

The bottom line on this equation is that Rove has been largely sidelined. That is why he has looked pretty invisible since the 2012 cycle.

“He added that bringing out Paul’s wife, Kelley, on the campaign trail was the “right answer” to Paul’s problems with the media.”

And with advice like that, its really no wonder. Having to go run and hide behind his wife’s skirt was a horrible response to the criticisms being leveled against Paul. It only reinforces that he is weak, and prone to running away from confrontation (which he is). The whole thing screams out how unprepared he is to run for President. After the first screw up, he should have taken his lumps, but no…he makes the situation worse by repeating the same mistake…at least two more times! Since then he has gone into media incognito and had to run out his wife to take the beating for him. The damage he has done to his campaign in that first week can probably never be undone…he is already a dead man walking.


Karl Rove, “a man for all sleazons”


There are many OTC products with which to treat atopic dermatitis, also known as thin skin. Surely the good Dr. Randal will rush to them once he hears Dr. Karl’s diagnosis.


Ok Turd Blossom™.

Tends to happen when you set half a billion dollars of other people’s money on fire on live television. How this man hasn’t been tragically lost in a small airplane crash is pretty amazing. People have ended up being part of the cement in casino parking structures for far less.


And thin-skinned in 2012.

That’s because he IS thinned skinned!

I hate it when Karl Rove agrees with me…

No, no! Keep him in the game!!! We want to be rid of him as Senator!

Now there’s some insightful analysis. What important inside political information will Ham Rove share with us next? That Chris Christie is a bully? That Ted Cruz is an arrogant jerk?

Canned ham, meet pot.

Unfortunately, the self-certified eye doctor’s gotten the state party to let him run for both :shit:

Every time Karl Rove speaks, I feel the need to shower.

Sorry, but trotting out Rand Paul’s wife to try to spin her Rand’s relationship with women was an act of desperation, not the “right answer.” She was doing damage control caused by her husband Rand, which never should have happened had he shown any sensitivity and smart media presence.