Discussion: Kaine Rattles Off List Of Seemingly Everyone Trump Owes An Apology To


Republican “projection” at its finest; Pence is a moron.


I’m not watching, more listening…

And it sounds like Pence is getting nailed to the wall, to me.

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Fitting for a republican evangelical. They don’t want to listen to Jesus, they want to BE Jesus.


I was listening on the radio on my way home from a rehearsal. I couldn’t stand listening to Dense’s whinging and both of them constantly interrupting and talking over each other. I’ll let Maddow tell me who did what.

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At the very moment Pence is lamely repeating that the Clinton campaign is the “insult-driven” one, Trump is manically tweeting insults about Tim Kaine. You can’t make this stuff up.


While Pence tried to act dignified, he could not defend the indefensible, Donald Trump. He repeatedly tried to brush off Tim Kaine’s charges against Trump, he had no response.


Just keep it simple. It is not hard, Mike… Trump needs to apologize to EVERYBODY ON THE PLANET.

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Blazing Saddles Lives! Poor Mike Pence. He will forever be remembered for “Senator, you’ve whipped out that Mexican thing again.” The Great Guffaw that fills and sustains the Universe rejoiceth.


From my FB feed:

“Is voting for Pence an option? He makes more sense than any of those other idiots!”
“Kaine is the Democrats’ version of Trump!”

I live in deep red Central CA. The only solace I get is the knowledge that these people will be swallowed up by our coastal friends to the north and south.


The hell with style. Kaine won this debate on substance and passion.

Pence may have been smooth and did his typical radio host thing, but it was to help himself not Trump. He allowed Kaine to use Donald as a punching bag all evening. It was really quite startling how little Pence seemed to care what Karine said about Trump.

The 2020 GOP primary started tonight. Pence is probably fundraising on his performance already. He’ll get Brownie points from the party leadership for trying to stop the bleeding further down their ticket from Trump. Pence looked and sounded like a Washington Insider of many years and that’s who he really is.

The Palin People got conned yet again.


Tim Kaine teed off on a list of Donald Trump’s insults that he had seemingly spent months memorizing.
Who needs to spend months memorizing them – I could have rattled them off myself. Trump’s insults are all over the place. It doesn’t take much effort to list 4 or 5 of them.

Or by the tsunami when The Big One fills the Central Valley with sea water.

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How well Pence did will depend on how well the fact checkers do their job, and how much the national press reports on the fact checkers findings. Pence as usual distorted the facts and out and out blatantly lied throughout the debate, but whether the fact checkers and national press have the balls to call Pence out on his dishonesty is another matter. Probably they will not, which is why so many Americans are misinformed today.

While Pence was making his views on abortion clear he invoked predeterminism. Sorry Bub, you obviously don’t play well with the Laws of Thermodynamics.

Watching MSNC post-debate coverage…

Chris Matthews: “Everybody’s been giving a hard time to this debate so far… it seems to be the cute thing to do, to come on television saying it was a lousy debate. I thought I could keep up with it. I didn’t think it was too hard to keep up with”

Me, with remote in right hand, ready to launch at TV (I’m a former pitcher - a major league scout once rated the fastball “collegiate average”): “That’s because your entire show is based upon you interrupting every goddamn guest you have on your show, you fucknugget!”

Small dog: Snuggle.

Me: Crisis averted. Thank you, small dog. Thank you.

Clinton’s campaign is insult driven says the VP running mate of the guy that has juvenile nicknames for everyone.