Discussion: Kaine, Pence Discuss Abortion Before Their Running Mates Have The Chance

“I appreciate and I have a great deal of respect for Sen. Kaine’s sincere faith,” Pence said. “That is shared. But for me, I would tell you the sanctity of life proceeds out of that ancient principle of God. I tried to stand for the ancient principle of the sanctity of life.”

Christ on a stick that man needs to be kept as far away as possible from the levers of power in this country. His “principles of God” apparently includes second class citizenship for women.


I thought Kaine’s answer on this was excellent - pitch-perfect and heartfelt. He summarized his life as a Catholic and a missionary, and how that can be compatible with upholding the law of the land. He emphasized how unAmerican it would be to force his religious beliefs on others, in violation of the law.

Naturally, Pence played the “killing innocent babies” card and again dodged answering the moderator’s question.


Yes! Finally a mention about abortion as it regards the debate. But, more importantly, in the context of separation of church and state.

Kaine explained how he separated his official obligation from his personal beliefs.

Pence pontificated about the life of the fetus, convincing the ignorant of his sincerity when in reality it is the ultimate misogynyistic position to control the lives of women. The most revolting segment of the debate. IMHO


On top of all the usual “partial birth abortion” lies (NO SUCH MEDICAL PROCEDURE EXISTS), Pence actually said that women should be forced to give birth against their will so that their children could be given to childless couples.


Sometime between that little nugget and his smug Mother Theresa quote my family asked me to stop yelling at the TV.


I just wanted to post this somewhere here…This is outrageous, and its happening in Mike Pence’s Indiana, so no surprise there I suppose.

This should get some wider attention people!! OUTRAGEOUS.


It was good Pence brought his robotic talking points. These will suit him well for anyone born after about 1965. To them, it’s always been the law. Not that a T/P supporter would notice.

Shorter Pence: My religious doctrine says God knew you before you were formed in the womb. Therefore, everybody has to act as though they believed what I do.

Modern science makes it clear that a developing fetus does not yet go have the caoacity to be a human being.

What woman of child bearing age wouldn’t welcome a discussion between two men of a medical procedure limited to women only. Let’s ask some men to talk about their enlarged prostates next time. Or even better how they have trouble getting it up.


First of all this “getting it up” thing is unfair. I know when I stand up I’m not as steady (on my feet) as I used to be. That doesn’t mean people like Pence are not beholden to their convictions; that they are complete fucking idiots is another matter.

That said, what kind of coffee do you have? I’m coming over, I’ve lost my mind, I can’t witness anymore of this insanity and I’m already seething because I suspect I’ll have to park so far away and … walk uphill!

You’re pissing me off, babe.

It’s fascinating how Pence completely didn’t answer the question, and how none of the so-called professionals on CBS noticed. Pence everywhere and always choses policy positions that favor his personal beliefs over the Constitution, with never even the slightest hint of conflict or even awareness that maybe he should be conflicted. It’s really quite dramatic.

It would have been nice if the top of the ticket spoke about this first. Now the Dump will just echo what Pence said & it’ll be taken as fact that it is what he believes. I would have just loved to hear what the Dumpster thought was an appropriate punishment for the woman (not the man) after an abortion.

Trump: “Abortion is disgusting, I will not talk about it”.

Men have assumed for many many years that it’s their responsibility to talk about abortion and then go ahead and enact legislation. We women suffer for what they think of as benevolence toward the gentler sex. By getting it up you know what I mean, but since I do live on a hillside, it might be a bit of climb for you. It’s Italian roast, now that you asked.

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