Discussion: Justice Department Threatened To Sue Alabama For Failure To Comply With Voting Law Prior To DMV Closures

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Why didn’t this get some press before they closed all those offices? Odd, indeed. If anything, the Feds can now amend the lawsuit to further the point that AL is failing to meet the standard.

'Course that raises the question: already facing a lawsuit, AL doubled down by closing all those offices. Why throw even more mud at Justice after the fact?


We need some modern-day Freedom Riders to go to these southern states and help people get the ID they need to vote!


The sensible way to comply with the law would have been to allow voter registration at the DMV. The Alabama way is to…close DMV offices in predominantly minority areas. And all this goes over Justice Roberts’ head. Sigh.


FINALLY something is being done.

NOW how about GERRYMANNERING? This is going on NATION WIDE, in mostly Red, UTAH for sure.

These are two reasons and they’re very IMPORTANT, why the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT needs to the guardian. Thank GAWD.

We need Public campaign finance for all Federal elected positions. Get BIG money out of our Government. What each state does for their locally elected
officially is a different story.


We have come a long way from Wallace’s AL when a DOJ person named Vanita Gupta can call out a Luther for his shenanigans. Well played America.


I doubt it does. He was appointed for a reason, to provide diminishing legal rationales for abuses, nothing more, nothing less.


The White South will NEVER learn, they’re too fucking ignorant.


None of this is related to the mass closures of driver’s license offices across Alabama, the report noted. The date on the letter, Sept. 8, predated the shuttering.

How ya figure?


“Luther Strange”…Seriously, you couldn’t make this shit up if you tried.


Seems Alabamy just figured out a way around having to do massive compliance by shutting down a bunch of places where black people can register to vote in the same places they have to get the proper ID in order to vote. See. Problem solved.

The way it looks, the State just figured out how to kill two birds with one stone it seems to me. Keep the SoS’s offices open in white Alabama communities, where its easy to register and get the IDs required, and close the ones that make it harder in the Black Belt of the State.


Eliminating gerrymandering in Utah would likely result in a single blue district, represented by a right-center Democrat, and three red ones. Not much change.

Eliminating gerrymandering in Texas, on the other hand, might produce significant changes.


"We were well under way when we were contacted by Department of Justice

But they were19 years late in starting to comply.

Calling Justice Roberts. Calling Justice Roberts!


Compliance with the motor voter law was not being followed at SoS’s offices for what seemed like both black and white communities for the past 20 years, since its passage for all of the State’s citizens, from what I gather reading this article.

Preemptively, Alabama figured out a way around full compliance by closing the SoS’s offices that served black communities by-and-large while keeping the ones open in white communities, where registration according to the Motor-Voter Law would be put into effect in order to avoid a Federal lawsuit. In other words, the gerrymandered white Republican areas will now be able to comply with the law by registering as many white Republicans as they can.

That’s how the State is showing how they’re willing to comply with the law…by shuttering the offices where registering to vote would not cost the GOP-led State legislature any seats or true opposition, and any potential Democratic Federal office holders would also get screwed. Either way, they figured out once again how to decrease the impact of the Democratic vote in that State. Another example of voter suppression.


Oh, we’re working on it. We’ve been working on for years. Decades, actually. We’re getting there! When will be there? Soon, soon.


…an intended consequence years in the making by the NeoCons.

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Dagnabbit, can I not have ONE original thought?

   "We were well under way when we were contacted by Department of Justice (DOJ). Since that time we have been working with the SOS and in consultation with DOJ in implementing our plan."

“And we’ll be sure ta let ya’all know about how we’re doing… AFTER the election !” —

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Everything important goes over his head.


and that’s why state officials didn’t really worry about it. After Shelby, unless a state was really blatant about it, the Supreme court was going to be the final arbiter in regards to these types of cases.

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