Discussion: Justice Department Joins Trademark Dispute Over Redskins Name

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“In a court filing Friday, the Justice Department did not take a position on the appropriateness of the name, though Attorney General Eric Holder has previously said he agrees with those who want it changed.”

Why, that’s very nice, AG Holder. Any chance you could find a few minutes in your busy schedule to provide disincentive for massive banking fraud by prosecuting some of the criminals involved? Or, how about putting some of the admitted war criminals on trial?

No? Oh, didn’t think so…

OK then, I’ll just go away quietly and obediently vote for more Democrats. Gee, I just don’t know what came over me to think you’d actually do something of import…

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I vote we change the name to RACIST SKINS

Seriously, to all those who defend this unconscionable slur against Native Americans…would you root for a team called the “Nggers" or the "Spcks” or the “Wetba*ks” ?!?!?!?

We’re a mature enough country to set this hatred aside, we’ve done it before; it’s long long overdue in this case.

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The Indian looks like he expects the team to lose.

I can’t figure out why people think he’s so terrific. He’s been slow off the mark and dragging his feet for the past six years. OK so he’s a black man, but he’s not blind, he has what I thought was a reasonable education and he is an attorney. So what has stopped him from prosecuting some of these bank criminals? Why has this department been so easy on the bankers and so late in coming to the aid of voters who were denied the right to vote last election?

He is useless. I hope for the American Indian’s sake, not to mention just plain old decency, the trademark will stay gone. Yes, the department should step in. But there are a lot of things the department should have stepped in, and didn’t. So big deal.

bold new breed of concern troll.