Discussion: Judges Order New North Carolina Legislative Maps, Special Election

They will continue to drag their feet from election to election until the next census. Then they get to do it all over again.


The problem is lots of left-leaning voters will need to be dragged kicking and screaming to their precincts for off-off-year elections. At least I can volunteer to be one of the draggers.


They need to put an end allowing partisan hacks to draw legislative “pick my voters” maps.

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A special thanks to voters who stayed home in the 2010 midterm elections.


I am hoping that this will apply to federal congressional elections as well. For example, Senator Burr just got re-elected. Will he have to be on the new, redistricted ballot?

rawlaw - Senators are elected state wide. Redrawing the congressional districts should have no effect on a senator. In theory, you could argue that Repub gerrymandered districts suppress voter turnout by Demos, but that’s probably a stretch.

The fact that Dems don’t show up in off year elections is a gift that just keeps on giving (for Repubs).