Discussion: Judge Upholds $580K Rand Paul Jury Reward In Yard Dispute With Neighbor

Announce he’s running against Rand for senator, collect millions, no worries.

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I have no idea of the ‘rationality’ of these damages seems like a lot but I don’t get why the neighbor did not sue Paul in the first place, it seemed like he had a beef but never pursued it until he was just FURIOUS.

So yeah, the guy is to blame but I don’t get that amount.

It’s like the huge settlement Hulk Hogan got over his ‘reputation’ (like, WHAT REPUTATION, you know?) which was just a way to crush somebody.


This pisses me off for so many reasons, the worst of which is that Paul has spent his career trying to keep the average citizen from getting these kinds of judgments against big companies. It’s just another example of his extreme hypocrisy. I’m also fairly certain that if this were the average person suing a neighbor who’d done the same for even lesser reasons they could expect a whole lot less. It’s all very gross.


Maybe now Rand Paul can afford to buy working toilets for his house:
Also some black market 100 watt incandescent bulbs and a seventies model refrigerator that makes his electric meter go around faster.

Judges routinely reduce these awards on appeal.


I applaud anyone who detests Rand Paul, but the neighbor did get the pleasure of beating him (Paul) up. Surely that’s worth half a million?

If Rand Paul really did sustain the injuries and illness he claims, the award is actually not very large. It would have been cheaper for the neighbor to just build a fence. Even a picket fence would have been somewhat effective in keeping Paul’s yard waste in Paul’s yard.