Discussion: Judge Tosses Stormy Daniels' Hush Money Lawsuit Against Trump

The case was moot. She and Avenatti weren’t being held to the agreement.

This whole thing was a minor strand in the tale of Trump anyway.

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Trump has denied the alleged 2006 affair.

Doofus has lied since the day after he was hatched .

So she gets to move for attorney’s fees? Also, I’m confuse here because trump has said he won’t enforce the agreement, but he says a lot of things. Is there a binding piece of paper?

So the woman he had the “affair” with and the lawyer who paid her off both say it happened, and we’re supposed to believe the third party?

I still do not understand why Stephanie Clifford is ordered to pay Trump’s legal fees. Hell, he still says he did not have sex with that woman, but we all know he did.

Justice is FUCKED UP in America!

So…I take it this is the last we will be hearing about Michael Avenatti running for President or being handed the nomination…