Discussion: Judge Skeptical Of McDaniel Allies' Lawsuit To View Election Records

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Dilution… better known as “mean old darkies voted. And against out WingNut hero even!” No case here.


Somehow it seems like fraud to have unknown persons with unknown or questionable backing examining my “secret ballot” and deciding if I voted the way they wanted. What’s next gathering personal information and vigilantes knocking on our doors or throwing paint like they did during the union busting times in the 50’s?

When did we loose the right to vote our consciences in private?


Agreed, I’d hope someone in Mississippi would sue Fake the Vote for violating my secret ballot.


“It is far from clear that the plaintiffs asserting vote dilution claims suffered a ‘personal injury’ from any instances of double voting which may have occurred in the Republican primary elections, and they allege no facts plausibly suggesting that any such voter fraud was ‘fairly traceable to the … allegedly unlawful conduct’ of either of the two defendants in this case…”

OMG Totalitarian Fascist Out of Control Judidiciary!!!

Someone get Senator Ron Johnson on the case. I’m sure he can put up another government sponsored website claiming that “True the Vote” is clearly a “Victim of Government ™.”


Uh oh.

“It was my understanding that there would be no math.”.


and they allege no facts plausibly suggesting that any such voter fraud was ‘fairly traceable to the … allegedly unlawful conduct’

Translation: You’ve got butkus.


[quote] The McDaniel campaign is currently examining poll books, and claim they’ve found “thousands” of instances where ineligible voters cast ballots for Cochran. [/quote] When Cochran “proves” there were “thousands” of instances of ineligible votes made for McDaniels, do I still get the $1000?

McDaniel got out-played. He was out-coached and out-hustled. Rather than regroup and work harder for next time, he wants to blame the refs and whine that the game he lost wasn’t a game at all.

Losers lose. That’s what they do.


The unreality bubble these guys live in has burst and they still haven’t figured it out yet.

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Check the plaintiff names…some of those have to be made up.

Sybil Tribble? C’mon!

Bonus points though for the Sec. of State Hoseman.


Now don’t you know our privacy is void if a teabagger
cries foul AND loses an election? Of course its a wonder any of us can
even hear our voting rights circling the drain for the high pitched
whining McDaniel the bagger is doing.

Love your nick. Very clever. You and Lemmetellya win

In 2010.

We began to lose it in 2010, when we all stayed home and didn’t vote because we collectively thought for a second “Wait, maybe my racist grandfather is right and Obama is exactly black Hitler”. By the time we all woke up from that brain fart, The GOP used their 2010 midterm majorities to begin to take away our right to vote without being questions.

Now, unless you are a old rich openly-racist white guy, you have to justify yourself why you should be allowed to vote, and even then they reserve the right to take away your vote during the next election if ‘the wrong kind of person came too close to winning’.

We stared losing it in 2010, and we did it to ourselves. We should never forget that. The only way to fix this is to all vote this year before they put up even higher barriers in 2016.


You are so right, we will have no one to blame but ourselves if we, our neighbors, friends, family and even those at your church don’t hike it to the polls. Everyone can help by offering to drive someone without transportation, watch someone’s children, why those ever “charitable” organizations could form a day care for voting days, take water and sack lunches to the polls if people have to wait in long lines. We can beat them by making sure everyone can stay and vote.

‘True the Vote is an anti-voter fraud group that claims it is nonpartisan, but is largely supported by RWNJ Grifters.’

®s have always had the Grift of Grab.


and they allege no facts plausibly suggesting…

Facts, plausibility – could the activist socialist judge be any more obvious that he is dog whistling to liberals? Impeachment is too good for him.

I sentence him to…snorting coal.

When the stupid voters vote wrong by not voting for McDaniels, when the pansy judges become activists and ignore Cochran’s fraud, when the Republican Party refuses to do the election over and over and over until McDaniels wins: Then there are the Second Amendment solutions provided for in our Constitution. Unless Chris McDaniels is our Senator, there will be blood.