Discussion: Judge Lets Gay Marriages Continue In Wisconsin

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After all of the set-backs to Democrats and progressives in Wisconsin–the establishment of Walkerstan, the decimation of unions and other anti-democratic Koch-whoring–it’s good to see a progressive victory flying directly in the face of anti-progress conservatives. Congratulations Wisconsin!


Indeed. I really wish these homophobes would get over it already.


Time for the reactionaries to catch up to the 21st century.

Hey, NOM! Ever get the sense that history is bearing down on you? :slight_smile:

I hear Wisconsin emergency rooms are inundated with hillbilly gluteal trauma cases.

It is certainly good news for equality in the badger state. As 538 mentioned upthread, now hopefully the people of Wisconsin can make progress on undoing the damage the GOP and ‘conservatives’ have done to their state.

They will, just as soon as they get over mixed race marriages.

I’m not sure which parts were lifted from the Associated Press but, while the news is great, this article has a strange bent to it. For example, “Gay couples in Wisconsin convinced some county clerks to give them licenses Monday so they could wed before an expected hold on a judge’s decision declaring the state’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional.” It wasn’t just random rogue gay couples “convincing” clerks to do something crazy - you had a ruling and other counties doing the same and the hold was certainly up in the air. And you had people at all levels of government debating the issue in an environment in which bans are falling left and right. You could have just have easily reported that “Some clerks in Wisconsin continued to defy the recent federal ruling and withhold marriage licenses from same sex couples.” In another paragraph, it reads “[the judge] wanted the American Civil Liberties Union to tell her exactly what it wanted her to block in the gay marriage law.” This discriminatory, unconstitutional ban is suddenly just “the gay marriage law”. To me the “gay marriage law” sounds like something wonderful, not like a discriminatory ban that’s now unconstitutional.

I know it’s nitpicky and I understand TPM using AP wire stories to fill out their slate, but with the AP’s clear recent rightward tilt it would make sense to cast a somewhat more critical eye on the way articles are positioned.