Discussion: Judge Charged After Dropping Gun In Chicago Courthouse

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This judge should go out and immediately burn a couple hundred acres of national forest land.

              Judge Charged After Dropping Gun

Joseph Claps …

somehow …I doubt it —

Just let me fill in then … :clap: :clap: :clap:


On the bright side, he didn’t “accidentally” shoot someone as he picked it up.


Again NRA it’s a holstering problem, when are you going give some love and guidance to holster manufacturers? They need your help, and all of us in the vicinity of someone improperly carrying.

Thankfully he forgot to chamber a round before he left the house.


I’m gonna design a holster that will be worn like a hat and firmly hold the gun pointed directly at the carrier’s forehead. The inevitable “failures” will prove it to be, for the public at large, the safest possible way a gun can be carried in public.

Interesting approach.