Discussion: Judge: Catholic Hospital Can Refuse Woman's Sterilization On Religious Grounds

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The hospital should put this front and center when people are considering them for services so an informed decision can be made in advance whether to be admitted or not if future procedures will be denied.


" and that Mercy Medical Center’s policy against sterilization on religious ground also applies to men."

I’m Sure Mercy’s policies on C-Sections also apply equally to men, right?

Please, Please, Please can we revisit life-time appointments for the Judiciary???

So many of them aren’t qualified to clean a toilet, let alone sit on a bench.

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That just happened a couple of counties north of us. It bothers the crap out of me - a hospital is not a place of worship.


may prohibit sterilization procedures that violate the core principles of the hospital’s faith," attorneys for Dignity Health wrote in a court filing.

Get that? The hospital’s faith. First corporations are people, now hospitals are people.


And now we know why the catholic church has been buying up hospitals. It’s not just for the license to print money.

In more and more communities - especially in the West where distances tend to be longer - the Catholic hospital is the ONLY hospital option. In my view, since the safest time for a woman having a cesarean delivery to have a tubal ligation is at the time of her delivery, allowing women to choose that option is an integral part of hospital childbirth services and any hospital offering maternity care should not be allowed to deny women that option. Hospitals today are businesses, not churches. Back in the old days, when you went into a Catholic hospital you’d see actual nuns walking the halls - but those days are long gone and these are businesses like any other.

This is a no-brainer; don’t go to a Catholic hospital if you want a sterilization. Nothingburger.

Indeed. In Oregon up until the early 1960s, hospitals enjoyed what was called charitable immunity from any liability. However, once they clearly became businesses instead of charity, that immunity appropriately ended. Most other states evolved the same way.

And now they argue often that the doctors practicing within their facilities are not their agents and what happens with the doctors’ patients is between them. So it seems to me, it should be left up to the doctor and the patient. Right?

Didn’t we hear about the government getting between doctors and their patients in the ACA debates? Well, I guess it is ok for the church to interfere, but not the government.

This is an easy, and uniformed position to take. What if you live in a city where the onlyhospital is Catholic? There are many such places. Roseburg, Oregon is one. The only hospital in town is Mercy Medical Center, which is owned by a different Catholic entity than the one mentioned in this story, called Catholic Health Initiatives.

What then hippocritic?

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Such Bullshit, really.

I did a double take. Thought you were referring to my comment and not the ridiculous situation. :grinning:

Yes. Sorry, I should’ve been more clear.

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