Discussion: Judge Allows Lawsuit Aimed At Stopping Obama Center Construction To Proceed

Man, the Council of Beckies is really on a tear.


This is so short-sighted. Jackson Park in my memories of it had ample space for this Center. There are already some of the greatest museums in the world throughout the parks along the lake: The Rosenthal Museum of Science and Industry, the Field Museum of Natural History, Shedd Aquarium and the Adler Planetarium. Shame on these guys.


Not to mention a big commercial conventon center McCormick place and the Chicago Bears Stadium.


As a native Hyde Parker, one of the nice aspects of Jackson Park is the mixture of public buildings and park land. It is an urban park, and while I understand that one shouldn’t give away park land willy nilly, I do think it is worth recognizing the occasional president who is from Hyde Park/Kenwood, something that will only happen about every thousand years.


Piss poor architectural rendering of the center.
There must be better images.

Obviously this means the Mueller investigation must be brought to close.


Nope. It really is that ugly. But, hey, we now love the Picasso, the Bean and the Soldier Field UFO :wink:


Protect Our Parks, my a$$. Have they actually SEEN the site? Honest to God…it’s nothing BUT museums and parks.


I love my environmentalist friends and usually prefer to see open space preserved myself—it’s an issue where I live, because what was once uniquely beautiful has been greatly diminished by rapid suburban development. That said, I do wish that once in a great while the more inflexible enviro-activists would lighten up and admit that this is not likely to unleash a flood of more and more Obama centers in the area. It’s probably going to be just the one and you wish they could just shrug and say he did more for the environment than this new guy, let’s cut him some slack this once.


Now THIS is what Comey, McCabe, Guildenstern and Rosenstein should have been investigating all along!!!11!!1!


I hear you, but context is really important here. Local community groups harbor an immense amount of distrust toward the city and its sketchy land deals, especially involving the perception of north-siders taking advantage of south- and west-siders. Not just “enviro-activists” feel burned by so-called “public-private” deals such as Big Marsh (SRAM), Northerly Island (Clear Channel), and the Lincoln Yards (Sterling Bay). Friends of the Parks, especially under the leadership of Juanita Irizarry, has been particularly successful responding forcefully to these and other developments. What’s unfortunate is that the Obama folks stepped right in the middle of this apparently without much awareness or prep.


I had hoped he’d put it in the Marquette Park neighborhood. There is a HUGE park there (by Olmsted). It’s a great old relic of a park and rebuilding the park could be part of the mission of the Center. I really love that park, and it’s sad to see what’s happened to it. The whole neighborhood could use the boost. And it’s where MLK said he’d never seen worse racism. Making it a destination would be awesome.

Jackson Park is really nice, but it doesn’t need the Obama Center. But at least it’s on the South Side. Parking and traffic in that whole Hyde Park area is terrible.


I love president Obama.
But they need to choose another site

also that building is ugly

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More like Tony Rezko!

In the 80s I used to visit an elderly man, Russell Woodruff, in his basement apartment in Jackson Park. He was about 90 years old and was born in Alabama. He had been raised by his grandmother who was born a slave.

Russell was blind when I knew him and left at one point to get his fourth seeing eye dog. He was so active he wore them out and out lived them.

He called me from the seeing eye dog training center.
“Dave, I got my dog! His name is Domino.”
“That’s great Mr. Woodruff! Is he black and white?”
“I don’t know, Dave. I’m blind.”

Russell Woodruff was awesome.


Hmm… I may have poor taste, but I find the exterior interesting in its unique architectural presentation. So many public structures boast no signature aspects that mark them out as unique in a one-of-its-kind way. I think this building does exactly that. Sometimes, the avant-garde presents as ugly before coming into its own. (Remember how much folks hated the new entrance to the Louvre at first?)


That’s what we need here in a Chicago, a monument to all our characters


I wonder if Cockholster will incur the same challenges when he tries to take over space at Fresh Kills Landfill for his Lined Art (coloring book) Library?