Discussion: Joy Reid's Blog Strikes Again: Posts Found Pushing 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

Ambien claims another victim.


Can we be done with her yet? I’d be willing to forgive old, nutty blog posts, but you have to own up and apooogize. Claiming you’ve been hacked with no evidence, triggering a federal investigation is a very bad look.


It’s stunning that anyone has the time to sift through decae-old posts in order to find dirt (and yet conservatives play the WATB regarding “ancient history” from a year or two ago). Whoever is paying these oppo research folks (presumably trolls with nothing more productive to do - idled Russkies at the IRA?) must be plenty worried, which I find quite entertaining!

C’mon guys…is this old stuff the best you got?

I have questions about 911 myself. Anyone who believes the official story in its entirety is entirely too credulous.
Before anyone starts in - I don’t think ‘they knew’ but I do think the PNAC folks were crying crocodile tears (because we certainly know that conservatives have no empathy for the victims). There’s more there…that plot should have been foiled…easily. They were never the criminal masterminds the conservatives painted.


Take a look at her current guests, particularly the ones who show up far more often on her show than others on her network. She still leans toward crackpottery.


This is really breaking my heart. I think she’s very smart, very organized and a very good interviewer — all in all an excellent news host. If not quite Chris Hayes or Rachel Maddow territory, close.

I haven’t evidence of this kind of crackpottery on her show. Really breaking my heart.


Are we going to have an MSNBC that gives air time to Hugh Hewitt, but not Joy Reid?


So pics are not the only thing that live forever on the internet. Public figures gotta learn to resist the temptation to record evey half-baked idea that comes into their heads.


I’m really tired of people using that cliche “official story”. And for the record, one of the PNAC people (Rummy) was actually in the Pentagon when it was hit. Doubtful he was “in on it”.

9/11 was a total failure by the Bush Admin for sure, but they did not allow it to happen. They covered up a lot of warnings for sure (like Tenent, Black and Clarke saying an attack could happen) , because it would have made them look like idiots.

If you actually study it, that’s false. This was no mastermind plot, you did not have to be a genius to know a plane full of fuel can be used as a weapon. Plus 77 almost missed it’s target, 93 never made it’s target, etc.

Alex Jones is an asshole, 9/11 Truth are con men, and the punks who did Loose Change have no idea what they are talking about, that flick was embarrassing to say the least. If this woman was pushing that nonsense, she was out to lunch.

The real 9/11 conspiracy was the exploitation of 9/11 to go into Iraq. And speaking of that, you do realize that the PNAC could not even figure out a way to even have ONE of the hijackers come from Iraq? Don’t you think if they had logistical power they could have done that? The PNAC are good at slander and rhetoric. When it comes to logistics, they are a bunch of clueless geeks.


All I can say about this conspiracy theory & the CONS that will pile on is: 3 million “illegals” voted for Duh Dump that should never have been allowed to vote.

I used to be a Christian. I was raised to be one, attended church at least twice a week. wrote drivel for the church’s newsletter. Now I am not. Do you castigate me because of earlier beliefs or congratulate me for seeing through the veil?


If anyone needs a good laugh, a spoof on Loose Change.


While there is no evidence that the government knew enough specific details about the attack to stop it, they certainly could have had a fighting chance if the Minneapolis office of the FBI had obtained permission to search Zacarias Moussaoui computer after he was taken into custody on August 15, 2001. And who here has forgotten (or never knew) Robert Mueller’s role in the post 9/11 whitewashing of this incident?

While explicitly saying that she does not believe the FBI director engaged in a cover up she accuses Mueller and senior officials at FBI headquarters of having “omitted, downplayed, glossed over and/or mischaracterized” her office’s investigation of Moussaoui “in an effort to avoid or minimize personal and/or institutional embarrassment on the part of the FBI and/or perhaps even for improper political reasons.”

Rowley takes aim at what she characterized as Mueller’s assertion after September 11 that the FBI may have been able to prevent the attack if it had had advanced warning. She said that she made numerous efforts before writing this letter, dated May 21 of this year, to make it clear that there had, indeed, been such a warning. She attributes the revisionism of FBI leaders to a “circle the wagons” mentality “in an apparent effort to protect the FBI from embarrassment and the relevant FBI officials from scrutiny.”


Yeah, that Robert Mueller. The guy who is allegedly going to save us from Trump…

Rowely’s full memo here:



And 20 years from now the RW conspiracists will accuse her of running a pedophile ring.


I am shocked by the blog post, however I find her to be well informed and a quality interviewer. I see no evidence of crackpot guests, but then I don’t watch her that often on her Saturday show, but mostly when she fills in during the evening shows.


“Even if you’re agnostic, or you tend to believe that al-Qaida attacked the World Trade Center and Pentagon and that the government had no warning such a thing could happen, it’s worth taking a second look.”

It was worth another look regarding if the government had any warning or not, it is not outside the realm of possibility that they were warned and did not take it seriously enough (which actually fucking happened).

Linking to the loose change part was dumb, but she was not in the position she is in now, where before linking to anything there would of been a much better fact checking.

I think she has improved a ton since the days of the blog, and I am wondering who is behind the effort to try to take her down.


First off, nobody is castigating anyone for being Christian. But it you really feel bad about your previous views, one would assume you would still own up to them, and not claim that a shadowy imposter had written them to set you up.

The FBI is now investigating her claims of hacking. What do you really think they will find?


Maybe they can hold hands and jump ship together.

For years I wrote a blog. It had a decent following. I don’t even remember most of my posts. I always thought of the blog as my opportunity to write 5-6 researched posts a day. Some of the posts were good, some not so good. They were all political and tied to the news of day I wrote them. I am sure Reid’s blog was a similar exercise.

I can’t imagine why anybody would care about blog posts Reid wrote over a decade ago and don’t understand why anyone would waste precious desktop space writing about them now. It is though Reid doesn’t get to grow and learn from her own work.

The author of this story should wonder if he or she is going to be held accountable for everything he or she writes forever. So should you.


My problem is if someone is going to take the time to find dirt on you then they will do it to anyone