Discussion: Jones Rubs Dirt In Moore's Trump Breakup Wound With Rom-Com Joke

Regardless of the actual nominee, Jones should run against Moore (and Sassy) again.


Solid candidates AND repugnican internecine warfare are D’s best chance to retake US Senate.


Don’t abort your candidacy Roy!

On Wednesday morning, Trump tweeted warning of the “devastating” consequences if Moore opted to run for reelection[.]

Moore can’t run for reelection — he wasn’t elected.


It appears that Moore is what GOP voters want. Don’t stand in his way!



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God I hope Moore runs.

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Go for it, Roy! (Best for these critters to be chewing on one another!)

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I am sure that the Gadsden Mall is already recruiting for a good conservative christian family values Santa Claus for the 2019 Christmas-Kwanzaa-Hanukkah-Milad-Solstice Holiday season. Roy Moore would fit the bill perfectly.


I haven’t watched it, but Trump finally publicly aired his Sessions impression at CPAC. Apparently, it’s just your stereotypical southern drawl redneck thing. Even for Trump, this is reckless, probably more so than shooting someone on Fifth Avenue as far as that it directly and personally insults hardcore supporters in the area (and highlights to anyone thinking about it that there’s NFW a member of the Trump family would want to live in a part of Trump Country).

I know that it will be very hard for Jones to find Trump-Jones voters (because if Moore is on the ticket, Trump and he will have made up) and I can’t imagine that Trump doesn’t carry Alabama, but I’d like to see Jones’s campaign invest heavily in airing that footage in case they can depress the Republican turnout a little. If the TV markets in the Florida panhandle overlap at all with southern Alabama’s, then the more that footage airs in those markets, the better the chances of the Democratic presidential nominee taking Florida. Similarly, Georgia has been very close in 2016 and 2018, and there’re probably overlapping TV markets in eastern AL with western GA.


If Sassy is Sessions and you’re saying he’ll run again, I’d agree. Why not? He’s spent the obligatory Time With The Family, and they still think very highly of him in AL (MLK Jr., Harper Lee, Helen Keller, George Wallace and Sassy, that’s who I think of when I think AL, a mixed bag of heroes and villains).

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I agree. Southerners hate anyone who isn’t from here disparaging how we speak.


I don’t really like the sass in Jones’ tweet. Leave the trolling to us internet mutants and run your office with dignity and professionalism.


I think he’s trying to goad Moore into running harder. Surprised to see this tweet, nonetheless.


I would love to see Roy Moore run for office again. Because he literally can’t, I’m gonna volunteer to raise funds for him at his local mall.


Good one Senator Jones. Not many are into Roy and his “little gun” anymore :joy:


It was a hoot when Moore rode up on his borrowed horsey and even people who can’t ride could see he can’t either. Then he pulled his toy gun and even people who can’t shoot could tell he can’t either. Then he opened his mouth and even people who can’t utter a coherent sentence could hear he can’t either. Then came election day and even people who couldn’t win an election found out he can’t either.


A staunch pro-strife candidate.

He can’t. He lives in Alabama don’t ya’ know.