Discussion: Jon Stewart Skewers Netanyahu Over Accepting GOP Invite To U.S. (VIDEO)

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Left the “h” out of “Bibi-sitter”

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He didn’t so much skewer Bibi as much as he gave into bothsideserism. Yawn.


Wow. John has been “chastened” by his pro-Israel followers. That wasn’t much of a take down. I can only assume he doesn’t want to feel the wrath his usually acerbic wit would produce. I don’t blame him. The Middle East is a problem that refuses to try to correct itself.

That’s what I was going to say too. The headline is misleading.

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He should have skewered Democrats for not boycotting Bibi.


I think it’s important to remember that the same Republicans who invited Netanyahu to speak, in order to undermine Obama’s efforts to reach a deal with Iran, are the same people who told us that any criticism of Bush and his policies gave “aid and comfort to the terrorists.” If Obama were advocating for Iran to have unfettered access to nuclear weapons, I might see some point to what the GOP is doing. But since that is not the case, all the GOP is trying to do is to sabotage a President’s efforts to strike a treaty with another country. Any Democrat who attends this speech should be forever ashamed of himself.


You two are absolutely correct! It’s maddening that any Democrat would even think about attending this speech when American Jews are coming out so clearly against this campaign rally um uh speech. I get that they’re afraid of AIPAC but from my understanding even AIPAC isn’t particularly thrilled about this. So, as far as I can tell there would be very little, if any, blowback from the vast majority of Jewish voters, so it really doesn’t make sense for Democrats to attend.


Democratic office holders are trying to gauge the AIPAC blow back if they boycott. I don’t think there would be much blowback. Except for Ron Dermer I don’t know many American Jews who are in favor of Bibi’s campaign appearance.

Now if they do attend, there might be a lot of Democratic blowback. Obama is still pretty popular with the Democratic base. That Democrats are taking so long to reach a conclusion on this issue tells us a lot about the gutless nature of Democratic congress members.

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That’s what I don’t understand. It seems to me the real peril Democrats could face would be from the Democratic base who are growing increasingly tired of this president being disrespected left and right. With these new jobs numbers out today, I just don’t see how they keep running from the president. It’s time to stand with him and stand up for him.

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It’s all part of the process of Bibi’s Retreat. The ‘even-handed let-down’ approach could not, in these circumstances, come from one of this nation’s two main ethnically relevant spokespersons (Schumer), so, it’s coming from the other (Stewart); but the Retreat continues regardless.

…which Stewart seems to be doing more and more lately. There are plenty of valid criticisms of Obama and this administration, but I see Stewart affecting petty, irrelevant, or downright specious positions that have been presented by the right, I’m guessing in an effort to appear “balanced.” Or possibly to avoid accusations of being in the bag for Obama. It’s disappointing. I miss the incisive Jon Stewart who used to make his interviewees uncomfortable when they used his show as a platform for their own agendas.