Discussion: Jon Stewart Seals 4-Year Deal With HBO

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Interesting. Will be curious as to what type of content it is, and how it will move/live beyond the HBO Now ecosystem.



Trevor Noah is trying hard but he isn’t Stewart…

Oh happy day !
Jon is a voice that is sincerely missed

HBO though? John Oliver was such a bust …just kidding
wonder if he said Hey Jon come on in the waters fine


I think this will allow him to do very good things. Jon is a bright guy - I am very optimistic it will be thought provocative and make an impact - I hope I hope


Jon Stewart wasn’t Jon Stewart for the first season or two of Daily Show either.


I think Noah is doing an excellent Job


The 2016 election calls to Jon…


[quote=“steviedee111, post:8, topic:28521”]
2016 election calls to Jon.

So are the sanctuary animals.

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This seems to be a venture that probably took a lot of laying of foundation. Negotiations. Logistics. Contracts. Executive boardroom sign-offs. Format decisions. Agreements to participate by key writers, producers, directors, studio personnel. Stewart had to have this in the bag before leaving Comedy Central. He knew this was his next step all along.

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Great news! I miss Jon. Now if we could just get the old Colbert back. I like CBS Colbert, but the Comedy Central character was hilarious.

My friend Jon, working at home in his bathrobe, makes $2,000 an hour re-tweeting cat videos!


Jury is still out for me…he hasn’t been terrible, but he hasn’t become a must watch, either.

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He should go on some late night talk show & inform his public more on this. The only question is: which one? Jimmy I? Jimmy II? Conan? The new Daily Show blah guy? The former Daily Show blah guy with his own show now? The SNL guy? The new fat English dude? The former skinny English dude who used to be on the Daily Show? The other guy who took over from Letterman he probably knows? Boy, he should really start working the cellphone, cuz all those shows are really tough to get on in the first place, especially if there’s no previous relationship.

It’ll be like blog commenting except with a team of writers and for $$$…

Sounds similar to John Oliver’s 10-15 minutes pieces. Maybe Jon’s will end up on youtube as well. Here’s hoping!

uh huh… the first couple seasons he was Craig Kilborn…

The half-hour-long show premiered on July 21, 1996, and was hosted by Craig Kilborn until December 1998.

Wikipedia The Daily Show

It’s hard not to get my daily fix of jon Stewart.
Wish him the best of course and hope his ventures work out for him.
His calling is political.

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Try reading for comprehension, the first season or two Stewart hosted.

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Just an typo