Discussion: Jon Stewart Returns To Shame Lawmakers For Not Passing Healthcare For 9/11 First Responders (VIDEO)

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I know he won’t, but I kind of wish he’d run for office and just be a thorn in everyone’s side.


sorry Jon but how do you shame people who have no shame?

btw… ask any Republican you’re appealing to… 9/11 didn’t happen on their watch so no responsibility unless tax cuts for the wealthy are involved and cuts in other ‘entitlements’…

take one of our prayer cards with you…


Yep, sad to say, the 9/11 First Responders are out of style with Republicans. Yesterday’s news. No longer a political plus for the GOP. Who cares about those sick and dying people anyway? Who wants photo ops with nobodies like them?


Grayson was succinct and to the point when he said “GOP wants you to die”: http://www.politico.com/story/2009/09/grayson-gop-wants-you-to-die-027726



Thanks Jon for fighting the good fight. The Republicans want to send you to war and not pay for the injuries you might get. They want First Responders to be on the scene of any dangerous event but not take care of them afterwards. THEN it becomes a ‘pay-for’. However, they will continue to send troops, irradicate the desert, drop bombs, etc. etc. to ‘keep us safe’…and call this President ‘weak’. I guess they have a different definition for it.


The question isn’t the Daily Show or Jon Stewart’s commitment to this issue - both are quite obvious - the issue is why Democrats aren’t screaming this from the rooftops. I’m not just talking about a way to harm the GOP politically, I’m talking about making them behave like decent human beings.


Right now, the only people standing int he way of this are McConnell and Ryan. They have enough votes to pass this bill.

And honestly, McConnell doesn’t care unless it benefits him directly. He pulled the bill from another bill because he couldn’t get what he wanted passed.


Because the current chair of the DNC isn’t very good at doing her job.

I think we could pretty much obliterate the GOP with the things they’ve done, and she doesn’t even try.


No longer necessary for that photo op!! Same way with the returning veterans, the hell with them in the eyes of the GOP!! I have never understood why veterans tend to vote GOP???

"Mitch McConnell gave us his word"

Well look, I see your problem right there.


Clinton / Stewart 2016


Thanks, John. I assume we wll see you from time to time speaking out about all the other inequities and humiliations visited upon us by our Republican overlords? Just sayin’.

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Funny - I hadn’t watched the show yet (thanks DVR!) but I was thinking about when he was going to make a return appearance. I kind of settled in my own mind that he was letting Trevor get his feet under him before he returned (and I thought Trump would be his target). I have to say I was surprised to read this.

Hillary or Bernie could create a Cabinet of Common Sense and Compassion…

and give JonStewart a life time gig.


Yet they had the audacity to hold the 2004 RNC in NYC just a couple of miles north from the WTC and milk it for all it was worth.

I wasn’t; given how critical he turned out to be in getting the bill passed last time and knowing how it’s been stymied, I’ve been wondering why he hadn’t already done this. He was actually on the Hill a few months ago pushing for its renewal with the first responders; but he’s learned that without the giant megaphone, he’s just one more citizen-lobbyist.