Discussion: Joint Chiefs Chair Says No Changes To Military's Transgender Policy Yet

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Trump doesn’t care if the military implements the policy or not. He just wants his base to think that is what the policy is. It’s yet another con.


“There will be no modifications to the current policy until the President’s guidance has been received by the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary has issued implementation guidance,” Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wrote. “In the meantime, we will continue to treat all of our personnel with respect.”

Rump and the regime can go pound sand. Nothing’s changed.

As I thought, Rump’s tweets came from Bannon / Pence who realize that they’ve lost the majority of the country’s support and are looking to cement their stronghold in their base. Just their base. But pissing off the military is a very bad idea. Which this regime is full of.


“In order to boost that funding, public funding of surgeries for transgender service members would be removed from a defense spending bill that would fulfill the president’s promises to increase military spending and construct that wall. Conservative Republicans and national defense “hawks” had been focusing on the costs of surgeries as the House tinkered with the bill, and Trump made his decision in order to make sure the bill would move forward, Politico reported, citing White House and congressional sources.”

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So much for being the “Commander in Chief”. Even the heads of the Boy Scouts of America ignored him.


Just the twitter equivalent of one of his stupid executive orders which creates publicity but no real action. Would be surprised if there is follow-through since there’s been backlash ---- but as he’s obviously flailing around, venting on whomever he can, who knows for sure…

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I thought I read somewhere his action was an hour after watching some bullshit story on FOX?

Shouldn’t Trump have talked with the JCS before he made the decision which looks like he didn’t. Usually there is a decision making process in the military to make these kind of decisions. This president thinks he is King or a dictator making decisions for this country without any input from military leaders or the men and women who serve this country.

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I want to know why Trump thinks transgender folks are expensive.


Ummm, call me crazy but…shouldn’t the details have been worked out before tweeting about it???


The Pentagon spends 10x the amount on erectile dysfunction than it does on trans service people’s health services.

And no, that is not a joke. The DoD spends more on helping former service men get their penises erect.



Interesting. Has there ever been another time when the Joint Chiefs issue an order to the MACOMs not to follow an order by the CIC? I don’t recall that ever happening before…
Commander In Chief? Naaa, Commander In Name Only, more like.


No respect from my generals. Sad!

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The BBC is calling it the “Commander In Tweet.”


Yeah… out of curiosity, are there ANY failsafes or levels of review on launching nukes? Or can he just point & shoot? Say, if F&F reports that North Korea called him a name?

Kinda terrified right now…


I think you are totally correct, bùt the situation will not easily remain ambiguous. Some sincere people close to the action will still get blamed.

The Trump family’s general, Chairman of Joint Chiefs Joey Dunford, is contradicting an explicit and direct order of the Commander-in-Chief. This is insubordination by a senior military leader that threatens our American values. Serious violation of the military code of justice.

That Joey Dunford would take this action after the Commander-in-Chief consulted his Generals is unprecedented.


So, value-threatened motherhubbards we remain!!

This was a political stunt. The whole cliff hanger tweet that stood for 9 minutes on the precipice of a new military conflict, before, “ta da” declaring transgender people unfit for military service was intentionally sensational, and dangerous.

I blame Republicans. All of them.


I’m wondering if there was a time in history that the President referred to our military commanders as “My Generals.” I haven’t scoured the historical record, but I suspect it is a rare, if ever, occurrence.