Discussion: Johnson Describes Trump’s Forced Kiss, Quitting After Access Hollywood Tapes

And the hits just keep on coming!

Hope Fat Ass is enjoying his long-delayed tour of Vietnam. At least Matt Gaetz love him long time.


I listened to her being interviewed by Chris Hayes, and found her story compelling. She said she never expected him to be elected, but I don’t understand why she worked on his campaign in the first place other than it was not obvious what a POS he is.


There’s little I wouldn’t put past Trump, but making a move on a woman of color is one of them.
What would Pop think?

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Trump: Folks, she is black. Why would a racist like me ever ever even touch those people? An obvious liberal lie. I will Sue. Besides, NDA covers all grabbing/kissing.


This proves that Trumpf is not a racist!!! :point_up: He was simply showing his love for the blacks, but the press, the true enemies of the people, try to turn it into Fake News to attack him because they are all hateful liars who hate America!!! And now for my morning Ho Hos.


Two words: Strom Thurmond


Hate to say it, but it’s too bad she didn’t speak up in October 2016. I know all of the reasons why women don’t come forward, and I’m not doubting her story, but it would have been a service to her nation if she had spoken up then. Not saying it would have made a difference in the outcome, but if people don’t stand up, bad things happen.


My guess on the right-wing defense: “She should have been grateful for the opportunity.”

This confounds me too, because it was obvious what a POS he is.

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Exactly. If people don’t stand up, and things happen.

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Oh my. Off in 'Nam 54 years too late, meeting with Russian management and some guy from North Korea who likes tongue baths. Meanwhile Cohen gets three days of show and tell in Congress, and yet another woman has come forward to corroborate Cohen’s testimony. So today’s priorities are tweeting lies about Cohen; tweeting lies about suing another woman who dares to suggest he is the ahole he has spent his whole life being; getting his quarterly progress review from Boss Putin; eating microwaved hamberders from AF1’s freezer; watching NewsCorpse teevee to find out what he believes today; and sucking up to what’s his name from North Korea.

At this very moment Sarah HS is getting wound up in the WH Press centrifuge.

Exactly, Racism has nothing to do with sex. Slave owners had no problem screwing their female slaves and selling the offspring. It’s a complex thing, I knew a guy that really hated mexicans but made an exception for his beloved mexican wife and her sisters and mother, the males of the family… well… he tolerated them.

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I think it’s a luxury to only take the jobs where everything lines up. Even if he’d lost (perhaps especially if he’d lost, knowing what we now do) this would have been a pretty good gig to have on your resume.