Discussion: John Oliver Talks With Ex-Prisoner About Obstacles Faced On Re-entry (VIDEO)

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I feel you Mr Oliver,I guess it would have to be like this all of a sudden recognition about heroin use.Until “OTHER” peoples
kids start going to prison for long stints will there be a spotlight put on this issue.IMO.

Ex in ex-prisoner, means no longer a prisoner, like ex-wife means not married to anymore.

Being convicted of a crime isn’t a good thing obviously but it isn’t supposed to ruin the rest of a person’s life. I know if I had experienced prison, I wouldn’t ever want to go back and would get my act together.

President Obama is on this and it’s becoming an issue that can no longer be avoided. The prison industrial complex is like the Military industrial complex in that it is self sustaining and grows exponentially if not strongly monitored and corrected with regularity.


The episode last night was very good/sad/eye opening.

Seeing the man that was exonerated after 30 years being dumped with a $20 gift card was heartbreaking. So was the mother losing her housing because her released son brought her groceries and ex-felons (he became a felon at 16) are not allowed to enter public housing. Seeing the House give Clinton a standing ovation for enacting that policy made me sick.