Discussion: John Oliver: Standardized Tests Are Like Putting Kids In 'Rap Battles' (VIDEO)

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Another example of America’s disdain for her children. If there was a global Dept. of Children and Family Services, they’d intervene in the United States, take our children away and put them in foster care (hopefully in some country that won’t allow advertising to kids under 18, like Norway).

Thanks one more time, John Oliver.

Who owns these companies? Who are the profiteers? Once again privatization run amok.


That should be must see TV for elected politicians everywhere.

Maybe TPM should find out. I think answering that question would make a great long form story.

Another example of the “free market” competition working its invisible hand in a societal rectal exam.

Get back to me when he’s constantly harping on the slowly shrinking little kingdom he comes from. It’s tiring seeing his dentally-challenged mug on TPM, bib-dribbling and spoon-clanging about the wretchedness of American society and he’s not even a citizen and has zero stake in anything.

Makes the Atlanta cheating scandal a bit more understandable. Public schools turned over to for profit testing companies. Who needs charter schools when you have this.

(Your) God Forbid anyone with an informed, outside-the-bubble view point out any failings about anything in the most EXCEPTIONAL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. USA! USA! USA!

Fuck Pearson and its board https://www.pearson.com/about-us/board-of-directors.html