Discussion: John McCain To Campaign For Thad Cochran In Mississippi

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John McCain is the Hodor of American foreign policy.

"Chris McDaniel is a proven conservative fighter with undeniably impressive, tangible and needed results," Palin wrote Tuesday on her Facebook page.

She added, “I can see Mississippi from my house.”


Can I be the first to type it?

“Doesn’t Thad have ENOUGH trouble?”


Is she staring at the City Dump again?

John McCain: the patriot who got Bin Laden and won the Afghan war returns victorious to win one for civil society and his sycophant David Gregory!

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Heaven help us when Senate primary campaigns only have the likes of McCain for one candidate and Palin for the other to come and cheer lead for them!

Jeeze, what a dual clown car circus act election!


What is a citizen legislator?

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It is a hot race with National media attention…McBomb bomb never misses a chance to parade for the cameras and blow hot stale air!!

At the crossroads where two crazy people met and parted company. Cochran is a sure loser now the crazies prefer Palin over McCain. What happened to Mitch, Shelby, Session, Alexander, Wicker and the good ole boys from the South?

As if I needed another reason to oppose Thad Cochran, he is now revealed as an ally of the “insane war-monger” wing of the GOP. Good to know.

Now that John McCain has decided to campaign for that old relic Thad Cochran it is guaranteed that the extremist McDaniel’s will win the run off.

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Is he calling for airstrikes against McDaniel?



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Like that is going to help!

I blame ALL this teabagger crap on YOU jony mc war!! You were too cute by half selecting the snow bagger as your running mate. Your VP pick for crying out loud…asshole!

Now, you’re like “what’s happening?”

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And why not? He must be popular in Mississippi, or else he wouldn’t have been able to easily beat Ron Paul and Alan Keyes in the 2008 Mississippi primary held after all the other candidates had dropped out because he’d locked up the nomination.

Hopefully, John McWar does not get caught doing any indecent things with animals while visiting Mississippi…