Discussion: John Kasich Snatches Reporter’s Mic When Asked About Only Primary Win (VIDEO)

“normally known for his even-keeled demeanor”

Bullshit. He’s a thin-skinned diva who can’t take a critique and he will never win another election, primary or otherwise.


Temper Temper, Princess!


I don’t know, I might react the same way if I was surrounded by a scrum.

You’re not running for POTUS and possession of the nuclear codes :wink:


Indeed. And he has a long history of losing his temper in fairly epic blow ups. Many consider his temper to be worst than John McCain’s.


So much for that “rational republican” spiel.


Uh, oh…looks like someone isn’t as “Ready for Primetime” as he thinks, but sure, keep telling us how horrible President Obama and Hillary Clinton are! Not as easy as it looks, Governor.


Kasich is just another failed trickle downer. Nothing new here, and every one knows it.


Kasich is merely establishing his bona fides for the press secretary position in the Trump administration.


But has he called his wife the C word in front if horn is like Johnny McCrashup did?


LIke his so-called “moderation” Kaisich’s “even-keeled demeanor” is bullshit, according to folks who have worked with him in the House and in Ohio.


No…but you have to check out Samantha Bee’s piece on him last night


“Gimme that mic, I got some late breaking news here.”

Clearly, Just in Kasich believes in the idea that if you don’t like the news, you should go out and make your own, and I’d agree with everybody who’s talked about his self-restraint. It’s an effort so big the Richter scale can’t measure it.


That’s the test of what a candidate is made of. Can he maintain an even strain under the most pressing (no pun intended) situations, and if he can’t it could indicate much else is missing in his emotional makeup.


Ohio Gov. John Kasich, normally known for his even-keeled demeanor,

WHOA WHOA WHOA, where are you getting that? He’s got a thinner skin and a shorter temper than anyone else in the race, and that includes Trump, Cruz, and Christie!

Ask anyone in Ohio who has crossed his path, Republican or Democrat. This is a guy who campaigned for governor on school consolidation, took some flak from teachers’ unions over it, denied he had ever said anything about school consolidation, won the election, and then demanded the teachers who had criticized him take out full page newspaper ads apologizing or else they’d have “no access” to him. (Then he tried to consolidate schools.)

Who does that? Wins an election and then demands that anyone who opposed him publicly humiliate themselves or schools won’t have “access?” Trump still hasn’t gone that far, and Trump has been bragging about how he had Romney on his knees in front of him.

His friends will tell you that he’s got the personal demeanor of two rabid weasels in a burlap sack. Is he the most “moderate” Republican left? Sure, for whatever that’s worth, he’s a few inches to the left of Cruz. But please don’t buy into some “even-keeled” nonsense his party is putting out. They’re saying it because it’s the furthest possible thing from the truth and they want to create a counter-narrative.


Watching the video, I’m not sure “snatches” is really the right word. He did take the recorder from the reporter, but it seemed like the reporter saw it coming and handed it over. It was a pretty odd moment though.

One of the commenters here (maybe @daveyjones64 ?) summed up Kasich’s situation a couple of months ago in a way that still holds true today:

If only Kasich had some bread, he’d make a ham sandwich. If he had some ham.


Yeah…I use that line a lot (though I reverse the place of ham and bread). In full disclosure though, I think I picked it up off of one of Ed Kilgore’s articles…because its just too good not to re use.


This is Kasich and his posse signing stringent abortion restrictions into law. Just before signing he said (as if we hadn’t already figured it out),

“Keep in mind, I am pro-life.”


He’s been under the radar because of his lackluster performance but people who know and understand politics know about his temper and his voting record. Everybody, except Chris Matthews who gets a tingle up his leg every time he interviews Kasich


Only in a Republican mind can someone think they can win only one primary state but somehow win the general election.