Discussion: John Kasich Said He Was Unaware Of Militia Takeover In Oregon

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Kasich’s staff: Governor didnt think too much of it as no Muslims/BLM are involved. Besides, Fox isnt making a big deal out of it. He also encourages fellow patriots to fight for their rights.


What didn’t he know and when didn’t he know it?


When first asked, Kasich told the Des Moines Register, “What? I haven’t heard about it.”

The reporter asked again about the individuals who took over federal land.

“No, I haven’t heard about this. When did this come out?” Kasich asked in response.

"He’s aware of the issue. This was an error in staff briefing," Nichols said.

Translation: "My butthole hurts," Nichols said.

That’s OK Guv. Most people are unaware you’re running for the opportunity to be the Republican nominee.


Translation: As a candidate I will feign ignorance until my staff tells me what to say.


Most people in Ohio don’t know he is running for POTUS.

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“Yeah, I am not familiar with it. OK. I’ve got to get out of here.”

The PERFECT GOP response. “Nope, don’t know nothing about it”, followed by, “Run away, Run away!!”


Really? Unaware? Sounds like he would make a fine GOP POTUS. Just like Bush 43.


Just what America needs in a President…a guy who’s unaware of important current events happening in the country. His spokesperson actually only made it worse because if he knew, he looks like he’s purposely avoiding talking about it.

So which is it? Is he deliberately ignorant, or just another incurious politician trying to avoid any scrutiny by being unwilling to address a serious yet controversial issue?


Kasich should have Palin around to update him on current events. She reads the newspapers. All of them.


“When did this come out?”

I guess Kasich doesn’t read/look at any media.


Palin observed the occupation occurring from her back porch, the same porch she uses to monitor Putin’s military maneuvers.

Oh yeah, that’s the kind of president we want, the unaware kind!

…wait, didn’t we have that with bushie? Had no clue about 9/11, even though he was warned time and again?

Now the gop/bags are trying to spin it, that it didn’t happen on his watch…that he kept us safe?


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Kasich said that he’s also hoping that the occupation of Wounded Knee ends peacefully and that, one day, Patty Hearst will be free of the Symbionese Liberation Army.

(*Then he had another sip of Sleepy Time Tea and dozed off again.)

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Here we go with the “militia” word again. STOP calling these anti-American thugs militia. This just feeds into their right-wing fantasies. They are no more than an armed mob at best and if they were not rural white people they would be called domestic terrorist. Using the word “militia” and “militiamen”, given their historical context for Americans, gives these armed extremist legitimacy they do not deserve.


Duck, bob and weave for the first news cycle. No record no finger prints. No incoherent gibberish a la Carson nor blood on your hands a la vilgar fascist pig Levin or talks like a pedophile Hannity. Woosh down the memory memory hole. Totally pathetic.
Can remember War criminal Darth Chenney pulling same stunt. Criminal. Pathetic.

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I have a friend who lives in mountain boonies. She can’t get TV or internet, mail delivery is iffy, she can’t afford newspapers, doesn’t talk to a lot of people, and has no political axes to grind. Her only news source is a single right-leaning NPR station. SHE knows a lot about this situation. But Kasich doesn’t? Hmmmmm…

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I also hear she spends too much money on lime and shovels.