Discussion: John Kasich Doesn't Appear In Oregon Voter Lit Sent Out To Every Household

There’s the highly professional and slick campaigning we have come to expect from Republican candidates.

So…which unpaid staffer intern’s job was it to make sure the sample ballot flier was taken care of?


Republicans used to be so good at “keeping on message”. I first heard the very name of this site–talking points memo–from the concept that every day every prominent GOP figure got the word on what to say, who to criticize, and how. They marched in lock-step.

Now, the “clown-car” insult seems all too real. Even if they know what they want, they bungle the execution badly.


The Republican Party has really turned into Monty Python’s Silly Party!


Yeah, but they lack the gravitas of the Silly Party.


So a couple months ago, he thought Oregon wasn’t worth the trouble of sending a statement and a picture, and now it’s one of his prime states. And this is the ostensibly reality-based republican.


Time to go home, Kasich. Maybe someone cares who you are, but not many.


I have the voter pamphlet in front of me. His name appears on page 6 (General Information: Candidates) with an asterisk next to his name and a footnote “Candidate chose not to submit a voters’ pamphlet statement”.

This appears not to have been an accidental omission by the Secretary of States Office.

I wonder if all these problems have happened in previous Repub primaries?

Oregon is, in most presidential primary years, considered unimportant because things have been settled before our primary rolls around. This is usually a good thing, because we miss all the campaign advertising and dire “the world will come to an end if…” commercials from “unaffiliated” PAC’s.

The big news last week was that Hillary is finally getting around to opening an office in Portland ahead of the primaries, because she’s suddenly decided she needs us.

Some bean counter within the cash-strapped Kasich campaign made a money decision that will probably send him back to spend time with his family.


Cant even collude correctly that’s pretty pathetic

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Read between the lines on this whole thing…Kasich’s campaign is out of money. That’s the only reason he agreed not to campaign in Indiana…because he can’t afford to campaign in Indiana. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if later this week,early next week, we see Kasich suspend his campaign. or at the very least, start laying off paid staffers.

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OK, OK, I admit I was wrong. Kasich is just as incompetent as the other two.

I think he’s in it to win it, and his path to winning it never involved winning primaries. Layoffs, yes, but I don’t think he’ll suspend until Cleveland.

In this so-called deal, I think Kasich got snookered by “Christian” Cruz.

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Oh, Tarquin, where art thou?

What? Kasich screwed that up? Impossible. He’s a great executive. He proved them when he was hired by Lehman Brothers.

Hi. My name is
My name is
My name is [chicka chicka] John Kasich.

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Sounds to me like somebody just got played…

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Oregon doesn’t need sample ballots. They mail out the actual ballots. You can’t go to a polling place and vote by memory. You have to do it at a time and place of your choosing.