Discussion: Joe Scarborough: McDaniel Too 'Stupid' To Figure Out How To Win

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“I can tell you if these people were my children, I would be laughing at them calling them the biggest whiners,”

Why does that as an example of his parenting skills, not surprise me?


“This is actually positive. We’re expanding the brand,”

Umm, ok, if that’s your take away.

I think what happened was Black people saw McDaniels awful racist stances and were moved to vote AGAINST him. It just so happened that Cochran benefitted from their anger and dismay. I’m not sure I’d say that means they “expanded the brand for Repubs”, since they’ve certainly been no welcoming beacon nor a champion for the community . It’s just the TeaBagger was way worse.


McDaniel lost because he couldn’t retroactively go back in time and follow the GOTP’s 2014 strategy - say nothing, period. Is he stupid? Yup. Could he do anything about it? Nope, not really. That’s part of living a bubble. As far as he’s concerned everyone who mattered agreed with him. I can only imagine having an elderly white man get in his face came as the biggest shock imaginable.

The fact that most of these pricks will know how to follow the instructions is what will keep the Dems from gaining much ground in the House.


I’ve always wondered about Scarborough’s intelligence. If he thinks that blacks, having chosen Hitler over Attila the hun, are suddenly Republicans, he’s dumber than I thought.


Agreed, with the proviso that I don’t wonder much. He really is that stupid.

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I think he is pretty stupid (copying Chandler Bing’s look in 2014, 20 years too late being one indicator). However, he’s just doing his best to convince the passengers on the GOPTanic that everything is under control and there’s no reason to worry.

Remember, a big part of the GOTPers world view is that they will triumph because, deep down, everyone agrees with them. So, while there’s things to existentially fear (ie. damn near everything), in the end victory is assured.

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Meanwhile, Sarah Palin calls for an investigation into whether it was illegal for blacks to vote in the runoff election . . . .


For the life of me I can’t fathom how Scar survived the onslaught of atomic wedgies he must have sustained in the high school locker room.

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Mika looks like a victim of spousal abuse in that picture.

Scarborough is wrong on most issues, including some right here, but he is right when he says McDaniel lost because he was too stupid to adjust.


I had the same thought.
Only someone as stupid as Scarborough would be celebrating the participation of blacks in a Mississippi Republican primary as a positive when they were essentially flipping the bird at the entire GOP.


…maybe this will encourage Democratic organizations to get to work on some voter drives? You know, a strategy embracing all 50 states instead of just writing off the low-probability ones?

Probably not, but we can hope.


Joe is an expert at stupidity, so when he calls something stupid, he knows what he is talking about.


Scarborough is almost making sense… maybe he needs a nap.

OR, Joe, the African American community (knowing that a Republican is likely to keep this Senate seat) thought that Cochran was a better choice than a guy who is openly hostile to them.


McDaniel made a big deal of his TP creds by strongly asserting that he would do absolutely nothing to improve the lives of citizens of Mississippi, and said in no uncertain term that they would have to do that for themselves. That’s all fine and dandy to his ignorant white goober base, but likely no one else in the state. In the situation where he had a miniscule lead in the primary, maybe he could have toned down his message in the runoff to have more statewide appeal. Stubborn ideological ranting = STOOPID!

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McDaniel seemed to be a self-entitled candidate who thought that simply by running he deserved to win no matter what his policies were, but unfortunately for him those who came to vote from either party wanted to continue to be shown the money and also reject the racist crazy. If Cochran is re-elected I hope he’ll return the generosity shown to him by those voters by supporting the president when it’s needed.

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I’m beginning to think McDaniel’s campaign slogan was “I run therefore I will win.”

AND they will vote for Childers in November.

For good reason.


“we expanded the brand.” joe, no you didn’t. unlike white southerners, black people do not vote against their interest. black democrats voted for cochran because they did not want a david duke wannabe win and NOT represent them in D.C.

mcdaniel put his foot in his mouth with comments that black voters did not like. all bigots are stupid, narrow minded twits!