Discussion: Jindal Turns To Bizarre 'Toilet' Metaphor To Bash GOP Rivals

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can he be the next one excused from the child’s table?


Piyush is losing it. Just like Carson.


That wasn’t even a floater.


Bobby has a potty mouth!

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Ricky has a purty mouth!

He reminded me of Jim Lahey from TPB with all the shit references.

And this one’s a floater.

“I’m the one who is the color poop should be. Christie is orange. Poop shouldn’t be that color. Santorum is the color of mayo. Poop shouldn’t be that color. You should call your doctor is it is. Vote for me. I’m Bobby Jindal, and I’m the one that should be in the toilet. Because I’m the proper color for poop.”

I don’t actually care as much about Bob’s weird cloacal fixation as I do about his apparently sanguine attitude regarding what his spending cuts have done to Louisiana. Toilet metaphors should only be used to signify where Louisiana has gone under this idiot.


Ehhh, might want to rethink that comment.

"We've got four senators running, they've never cut anything in D.C.," Jindal said. "They give the long speeches called filibusters, they pat themselves on the back, nothing changes when they go to relieve themselves, their cause and the toilets get flushed at the same time and the American people lose."

He was just being fecetious.


Oh lol!

Republicans. They just can’t get their minds out of the gutter ass. There is no better proof for Freud’s theory on anal fixation than the modern GOP.

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For. The. Love. Of. God…

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Weird, Bobby. That was just weird.

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Just goes to show what a little shit Jindal is. He’s the expert.

Remember that poor student from Middle School that just couldn’t get anything right? Not especially anything much happening with him, but memorable because if there was a screw-up to be had, we all knew just who would do it? Well, he became the Governor of Louisiana.

The only thing going down the toilet is this man’s campaign. That, and Louisiana can’t stand this man as their Governor anymore. Where’s the hook? Pull this Dumbshit off the stage. What’s he getting now 1%? Little Big Man.

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What a party pooper. And a complete waste of time.

Who are “they” again?

I’ll ask them.