Discussion: Jimmy Fallon Faces Social Media Backlash After Donald Trump Appearance

Drumpf and Fallon: Can you spot the bigger tool?

(Yeah, it’s a trick question. They are both equally yuge tools.)

On a somewhat related note: Jay Leno has said that he wants someone to smack Drumpf in the face. I do too. But I don’t want the thrashing to be limited to Herr Coir Coif. The Chin deserves it as well for all of his past brown-nosing of the Barnum Bigot.

Is this really a thing? What do you expect from Fallon? He’s the class clown with a national TV show, not Jon Stewart.

It*s called petting , after which Donny will sniff Jimmys butt .

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Bee does another excellent job on Fallon/NBC treating Trump with Kid gloves